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Excalibur 1964



Studebaker Excalibur

As a consultant to Studebaker and a renowned industrial designer, Brooks was asked to design a 'show car' for the 1964 New York Auto Show. Studebaker wanted a 'show stopper' for their exhibit. His idea was based on the design of the 1927 Mercedes-Benz built with Studebaker Avanti components. The prototype was built in just eight weeks, ready three nights before the New York Show. When it pulled in the New York Coliseum, Studebaker announced that it would phase out production. Brooks and his two songs, David and Steve, conferred and decided to show the prototype anyway. They used the name Excalibur - a name linked to Brooks Stevens from his racing days. Brooks had earlier designed, built and victoriously raced a team of Excalibur sports cars in the 1950's.