Classic Car Catalogue

Fairthorpe 1960

Electron 4 cyl. ohc 1098 cc wb: 84 in.  
Electron Minor 4 cyl. 948 cc    
Atomota 2 cyl. 646 cc   - discontinued
Atomota Major 4 cyl. 948 cc   - discontinued
Zeta       - new model
Electrina 4 cyl. 948 cc   - new model

Great Britain

Electron Minor – October advert
Announced on the eve of the London Motor Show the new Electrina has entirely new styling, and is powered by Standard's 948 cc engine tuned to develop 50 bhp. Based on Electron Minor, is a bit longer and heavier. It is priced at £799 if factory built or £498 as a kit of parts