Classic Car Catalogue

Fiat 1948

500 Toppolino - discontinued
500B - new model
1100A - disconrinued
1100B - new model
1100S - new model
1500D - new model


All three re-worked models were introduced at Turin Motor Show in September. Fourth series of the 1500 - D with several innovations: engine with dual carburetor boosted to 47 hp, a new steering, new front suspension and synchromesh gearbox.
The 1100B also gained new front suspension, more engine power for the saloon version and improved dashbord, steering wheel etc.
500 B with more powerfull, overhead valve engine and a new version Giardiniera. 122.213 500's were built since 1936.



500 (R4 cyl, 569 ccm, 13 KM; 2000 mm) - discontinued
500B (R4 cyl, 569 ccm, 16,5 KM; 2000 mm) - new model
 Giardiniera - new model

500 B

500 B Giardiniera



1100 A (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 32 KM; 2420 mm) - discontinued
1100 AL (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 30 KM; 2700 mm) - discontinued
1100 L Furgoncino (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm; 2700 mm) - discontinued
1100B (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 35 KM; 2420 mm) - new model
1100BL (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 30 KM; 2700 mm) - new model
1100BL Taxi (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 30 KM; 2700 mm) - new model
1100BLR - new model

FIAT 1100 B The 1100 B is fundamentally model 1100 — the utility four cylinder 4 and 6 seater car of tried efficiency and constant success — technically improved in the engine, frame, suspension, steering and body fittings. The improvements made in the 1100 B give increased power and longer life to the car, making it safer and surprisingly flexible to drive.
Body: improved fittings (instrument panel, new steering wheel, rear seat, place for radio, etc).
1100B 4 Seater Saloon The interior is upholstered in cloth; the independent front seats are separately adjustable; the back squab pulls out exposing the luggage space. Wind-up glasses in all doors. The instrument panel is rationally designed, elegant, complete and easily consulted. The car is delivered complete with chromium plated bumpers, double arm electric screen wiper, driving mirror, «Stop» light, recessed direction indicators, interior lighting, adjustable inside sun visors, map pockets on doors and spare wheel recessed into tail. Ski clips on the roof.
1100 BL 6/7 seater Saloon Four doors without centre pillars, with wind-up glasses and swivelling quarter lights for ventilation. The front seats are adjustable. Two collapsible seats facing front are fitted and the back squab of the wide rear seat pulls out for access to the luggage space. Cloth upholstery. Spare wheel recessed into outside of tail. Chromium plated bumpers, double arm electric screen wiper, recessed direction indicators, adjustable inside sun visors, safety glass all round. Ski-clips on roof. The car can be supplied, on request and at extra cost, with an internal partition.
1100 BL Taxi Saloon car, three lights each side. All-metal body. Spare wheel recessed into tail. Chromium plated bumpers front and rear. Pressed steell folding luggage grid. Ski clips on roof. Air vents in scultle. Illuminated direction indicators at rear. Tail and "Stop" lights, prismatic reflector Double arm screen wiper. Electric horn. Regulation driving mirror. Two doors each side with wind-up windows. Sliding glass partition between driver and passengers Single driving seat upholstered in black washable leather and extra folding seat facing front. Hand luggage space alongside driver. Front compartment floor covered with ribbed aluminium. Two comfortable back seats with am-rests, upholstered in leather like the lower lining and the folding seats. Ceiling and upper sides lined grey cloth. Folding seats facing front. Rubber covered rear compartment floor. Roller blind to rear light. Adjustable inside sun visor for driver. Hand-holds fitted to front pillars. Central ceiling lamp.

Nieseryjny 1100 B kabriolet.

1100 BLR Orlandi

Nieseryjny 1100 B kabriolet.


1100 S (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 51 KM; 2420 mm)

The 1100 S Saloon is a car of class which, in addition to speed, embodies the features of a comfortable, handsome, fast two-seater Tourer. To the "1100" series, recently enriched by the addition of the Cabriolet, Fiat now add this latest very special model. It is a brilliant and sturdy car with every part strengthened and built of superior quality materials.
Features of the 1000 S TWO-SEATER SALOON
Engine. The engine of the 1100 S two-seater is derived from the standard 108 C engine, to which all the mechanical and thermal improvements suggested by the most recent engineering practice have been added. To improve performance modifications have been made chiefly to the volumetric efficiency, the compression ratio, carburation and r.p.m., thus obtaining a specific power output of 47 HP per 1000 cc, a mean effective pressure of over 128 lbs. per sq. in. and a specific fuel consumption inferior to that of the standard engine.
To resist wear and prolonged effort, the crankshaft has balance weights and oversize, hardened crankpins and journals. The bearings are lined with copper-lead alloy. The seats and ends of the stems of the inlet and exhaust valves are stellite faced.
Particular care has been devoted to the cooling water circuit. The cooling water is circulated by a centrifugal pump and its flow is so regulated as to uniformly cool, through special distributors, the various parts of the base chamber and cylinder head.
The lubricating oil circuit is also equipped with an efficient radiator which guarantees a low temperature, whilst a capacious filter thoroughly cleans the oil and safeguards the good condition and life of the bearings.
Thanks to these improvements the engine can safely develop over 50 HP at about 5200 r.p.m. even with ordinary motor spirit of not less than 70 octanes.
Suspension. The springing has been expressly designed to give perfect road holding at high speed, even on mediocre roads, while affording at the same time the easy riding of the standard Fiat cars. In the rear suspension semi-elliptic springs of variable flexion are employed, together with a torque bar and double-acting shock absorbers of particularly careful execution. In the front suspension, besides improvement in the independent springing of the wheels, a stabiliser bar has been added.
Thee car is very responsive, comfortable and very steady both on the straight and on curves.
Body. The Fiat-built body reconciles these four requisites which are to some extent in contrast with each other: light weight, good penetration, structural stiffness, internal comfort.
The body is formed by welding to the chassis frame, derived from that of the standard 1100, a framework covered with sheet aluminium. The coachwork thus forms a single unit with the chassis, thus obtaining, together with greater lightness, a structure of extreme stiffness which considerably improves safety and road holding.
Special attention has been paid to the external lines and underneath cowling of the car to attain good aerodynamic penetration without sacrificing comfort or visibility. The car has, in fact, both pleasing external lines and a sufficiently comfortable interior, well lighted through quite large front, side and rear windows. Carefull finish gives the interior of this car the sober elegance of the high class vehicle.
Streamlined Saloon body with strongly curved nose and tapering tail - Wide doors, one each side, with large window (sliding panel in forward part); rear window - Strongly sloping Vee windscreen - Wings incorporated in body and merging at the ends into the central body lines - Headlamps recessed into front of forward wings, with chromium plated rims - Vertical radiator grille, two extra air inlets at sides with horizontal bars - Engine bonnet top panel hinged at forward end in order to prevent its opening when travelling - 2 adjustable, staggered bucket seats well upholstered in leather - 2 spare wheels carried inside the car and stowed in such a way as not to encroach on luggage space - Petrol tank in centre of car, capacity about 14 gallons, fitted with quick closing rilling cap - Interior lining in cloth and leather, map pockets on doors - Cabinet work finished in colour harmonising with the upholstery, chromium plated inside and outside doorhandles - Number plate recessed into central part of tail - Large chromium plated hub caps on wheels.
The car is supplied complete with the following accessories: 2 screen wipers,, inside central driving mirror, 2 adjustable inside sun visors, 2 spare wheels, 1 Standard tool kit.



1500D (R6 cyl, 1493 ccm, 48 KM; 2800 mm) - new model



2nd Mille Miglia     Compirato/Dumas
3rd Mille Miglia     Apruzzi
  Targa Florio entries: (03-04.04.1948)
#63 1100 S Capelli / Gerli   4th
#123 1100 De Sanctis / Prosperi   fail.
#135 1100 Segre / Martignoni   20th
#149 750 Sport Nicolai / Cagnotto   fail.
#188 1100 Sport Bortolami / Benvenuti   fail.
#241 1100 Sport Garufi / Rovarisi   fail.
#273 1100 Sport Lo Monaco Lo Monaco / Lo Monaco   fail.
#310 500 A De Maria / Friullo   31st
#321 1100 Sport Siracusa / Canale   fail.
#348 1100 Sport Baglio / Baglio    
#355 1500 Sport Russo / Ughetti   fail.
#360 1100 Sport Battiati / Patanè   fail.
#366 500 A Giliberti / Ballatore   dsq
#382 1100 Sport Di Trabia / Stagni   fail.
#383 1100 Bordonaro / Tramontana   fail.
#385 1100 Sport Ballo / Raffaelli   17th
#386 500 A Giardina / Cottone   dsq
#387 1100 Sport Cammarata / Cammarata   fail.
#389 1100 Toia / Cassarano    
#390 1100 Sport Pucci / Faraco   fail.
#398 1100 Sport Sutera Sutera / Gelfo   25th
#399 750 Sport La Motta / Seminara   fail.
#400 1100 Sport Renier / Gallarano   fail.
#651 1100 Baietti / Folli   30th
#670 750 Sport Fargione   fail.
#683 750 Sport Garofano / Signorelli   29th
#694 500 A Tornetta / ZuccalĂ    fail.
#697 1100 Attanasio / Amati   -
#700 500 A Cernigliaro / Ballatore   33rd
#701 750 Sport Marino / Sartarelli   fail.
#721 1100 Sport Scolari / Regosa   fail.
#729 500 A Motta / Barbagallo   32nd
#737 1100 Sport De Filippis / De Filippis   fail.
#934 1100 D'Agata / Guzzardi   28th
#977 1100 Sport Galliani / Martelli   fail.
#978 1100 Sport Di Stefano / Spata   fail.
#979 1100 Sport Mucera Mucera / Oliveri   14th
#980 1100 Sport Tornatore / Melfa   fail.
#982 1500 Sport Mucera Mucera / Nifosi   23rd
#991 1100 Minneci / Di Salvo   19th
#992 1100 Sport Mucera Mucera / Gelfo   26th

Fiat 750 Sport (A.Nicolai - F.Cagnotto) at Targa Florio.

Fiat 1100 Sport (A. Lo Monaco - I. Lo Monaco) at targa Florio.

Fiat 500 A (E.De Maria - V.Firullo) at Targa Florio. 1st in up to 751 cc class.

Fiat 1100 Sport (M.Baglio - C.Baglio) at Targa Florio.

Fiat 1500 Sport (A.Russo - G.G.Ughetti) at Targa Florio.

Fiat 1100 Sport (S. Ballo - F. Raffaelli) at Targa Florio.

Mucera at Targa Florio.

Mucera Fiat 1100 sport (Pierino Mucera - V.Oliveri) at targa Florio.

Mucera Fiat 1500 Sport (Pippo Mucera - R.Nifosi) at Targa Florio.

Mucera Fiat 1100 Sport (Sarino Mucera - M.Gelfo) at Targa Florio.

Sutera Fiat 1100 at Targa Florio.