Classic Car Catalogue

Fitch 1964



New options Added for 1964 4 carburetor specially tuned engine: 155 bhp, was 110bhp. Cylinder heads were reworked to add one carb pad per head to produce a four carburetor setup. Fitch metallic lined brake shoes: Reduces fade, Improves braking Pirelli tires: Replaces factory tires and now used instead of Michelin X Brazilian Rosewood gear shift knob: Attractive Rosewood shift knob with three dimensional embossed Sprint checkerboard insignia. Racing stripe: Stripe continues down trunk lid and fills entire area between headlights. Stripes are also painted inside trunk lid gasket area Wood rimmed steering wheel: Provides a better grip due to thicker ring, with a better dish than stock. with SPRINT horn button now uses 1963 "700" style horn button with sprint insert. Several different styles of Wood wheels have been available through Fitch over the years. SPRINT by Fitch emblem: Replaces chrome Sprint letters on trunk and dash with SPRINT by Fitch emblems on the front fenders* above and in front of the wheel well openings and on the rear body panel (C O R V A I R letters now occupy space where Sprint was written) Uses large size Sprint emblem with studs. (* Sprint emblems were often mount in other places on the car. Notice the emblem replaces the Corvair script on the front panel of a 1963 Corvair).