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Fitch 1966



1966 Sprint added options:
Koni shocks - these adjustable shocks are mounted at front and rear. An upgrade from the Gabriel shock.
Englebert Rallye 220 Steel Belt Radial with tire tubes: Exchanged for factory tires (FYI. Fitch continually upgraded the tires he offered. Fitch first offered Michelin X tires followed by Pirelli tires in 1964 and the tires listed above for the 66 and later brochures)
Forced air - ventilated bucket seat: This option was not listed in any brochure, but has been seen it listed in a roadtest of a 1966 Sprint. The test also featured a picture which clearly shows the front bucket with the ventilation holes in the front seat upholstery.




John Fitch’s second car is called the Fitch-Phoenix. It is based on the Chevrolet Corvair. It has a sensationally beautiful body built in Italy by Intermeccanica. A roll bar is built into the top. The rear window would open and close electrically. The roof panel is removable and stowable in the trunk. With the roof open, the car has a landau look. Bulges in the front fenders hide the two spare tires. (Front and rear tires are different sizes). The rear-mounted Corvair engine has been modified to produce more power than normal. A top speed in excess of 130 mph is claimed.

Two door convertible: Price $8700 Weight 2150
ENGINE: Chevrolet Corvair. Six-cylinder. Horizontally opposed. Air-cooled. Overhead valve. Aluminum block. Displacement: 164 cid. Bore and stroke: 3.44 x 2.94 inches. Compression ratio: 9.25:1. Brake horsepower: 170 at 5200 rpm. Four main bearings. Solid valve lifters. Carburetor: Weber Model 36 DCLD two-barrel.
POWERTRAIN: Four-speed manual transmission.
CHASSIS FEATURES: Wheelbase: 95 inches. Overall length: 174 Inches. Front tread: 55 Inches Rear tread: 57.2 inches. Tire size: 175 x 14 (front), 185 x 14 (rear).
OPTIONS: AM/FM radio ($110). Automatic transmission.
MANUFACTURER: John Fitch & Co.. Falls Village, Ct.