Ford 1936

Popular Model Y (8 HP)
De Luxe Model C (10 HP)

Great Britain

Modelem Y Ford zajął 42% brytyjskiego rynku w klasie 8 HP. Ford Junior sprzedawany jest w Polsce za 5600 złotych - tylko o 200 więcej od najtańszego Polskiego Fiata 508. Przy porównywalnych wymiarach (rozstaw osi 2286 mm) dysponuje nieco większym silnikiem o pojemności 1172 cm³ rozwijającym moc 28 KM.
"Konkurencją dla Salonu (Olympia-Show) była wspaniała wystawa prywatna Forda w Albert Hall. Ford zademonstrował najtańszy wóz na rynku, dając 4-osobową karetę za 100 funtów (około 2600 zł.), i bijąc tym samym Austina o 5 funtów."
(Cytat z Auto Technika Samochodowa '36 - relacja z salonu w Paryżu)

Ford Popular Saloon, Model Y, with 7.96 HP engine is available with two- and four-door bodywork, known as the single- and double-entrance model respectively. The former's price had been reduced to Ł100 and it became generally known as the 'Ł100 Ford'. To achieve this low price Ford had simplified the car's specification.
Ford De Luxe, Model C is available as two- or four-door Saloon or with Touring body. The Model C. which has a 10 HP 32.5-bhp 1172-cc L-head Four engine, differ from the 1935 model mainly in having three horizontal chrome strips on the radiator grille and vertical bonnet louvres, also with three chrome strips. Prices: Chassis £110, Two-door Saloon and Touring £135, Four-door (Double-Entrance) Saloon £145.
Ford V8, Model 60, with 22 HP (63-bhp) engine is carryover from 1935 (when it was also available as Model 48 with 30 HP engine). Later in the season it was replaced by the Model 62.
Ford V8, Model 62. superseded the 1935 American-style Model 60 in 1936 (for the 1937 model year) and is entirely British-made. It is, however, unmistakably a Ford and other European Ford plants namely in France and Germany, produce very similar 'small V8s'. The engine is a 22 HP of 2226.9-cc (66.04 x 81.28 mm) capacity, developing 63 bhp at 4300 rpm. The wheelbase is 9 ft 1/4 in. Transmission, chassis, suspension, etc. are similar to that of the American Ford. Both has 6.00-16 tyres. The new saloon is priced at £210. There is no alternative body styles.
Ford V8, Model 68 with 30 HP engine. This, the 'real Ford V8', is virtually the same as the North American Model 68. It has the 3621.5-cc (77.78 x 95.25 mm) V-8-cylinder engine, developing 88.5 bhp at 3700 rpm and rated at 30.01 HP. It has, of course, right-hand drive. Wheelbase is 9 ft 4 in.



Model Y (R4 cyl SV, 933 cc,22 bhp)
  Single-entrance Saloon
  Double-entrance Saloon

Ford Popular former's price has been reduced to £100 and it became generally known as the '£100 Ford'. To achieve this low price Ford had simplified the car's specification which is now rather austere, but, as this illustration suggests, it is more comfortable than waiting at the bus stop!


De Luxe

Model C (R4 cyl SV, 1172 cc, 32.5 bhp)
  Single-entrance Saloon
  Double-entrance Saloon

Model C Deluxe Double-entrance Saloon

Ford Deluxe Touring



Model 60 (V8 cyl, 2227 cc, 63 bhp)
Model 62 (V8 cyl, 2227 cc, 63 bhp)
Model 68 (V8 cyl, 3621.5 cc, 88.5 bhp)

Ford V8 Model 60

Model 62 Double-Entrance Saloon

Ford V8 Model 62

Model 62

Ford V8 Model 68 Cabriolet

Kellner Drophead Coupé custom coachwork by Dagenham Motors Ltd. of London on the Ford V-8 30 HP chassis.

Ford V8 Model 68 Saloon

Ford V8 Model 68 Coupé

V8 Model 68 Special Vogue Coupé




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25.01-02.02.1936 Rallye Monte Carlo 22 18 16 16 V8 mod.48 Zamfirescou / Cristea 1st
          31 V8 Bakker-Schut / de Beauford 4th
          76 V8 Biljaard / van Beeck Calkoen 9th
          74 V8 Neamtu / Frumusanu 13th
          104 V8 Stenfeldt-Hansen 14th
          98 V8 Berlescu 19th