Classic Car Catalogue

Ford 1970

Landau - new model


Back in the early 1960's, Willys was Brazil's largest auto factory. They built the Renault Dauphine, the Jeep and the Interlagos, a replica of the French Alpine. In 1962, the Aero Willys 2600 appeared as the first original Brazilian automobile, and finally the production of some Rambler models was added. In 1967 the company merged with Ford do Brasil, which in turn had been present in the country since 1921. The latest development of the "Ford e Willys do Brasil", as the company is called today, is the Ford Corcel launched in the fall of 1968 published Ford Corcel. It had been developed by Willys in collaboration with Renault. In addition the company continues to build in Brazil the Aero-Willys, the Jeep and an older, American Ford Galaxy.
A three-door Corcel station wagon version called "Belina" in March.
The Aero receives the 3000cc engine (same as the Itamaraty) and new steering wheel, hubcaps and brake system equal to his half-brother Ford Galaxie, new interior trim and anodized aluminum panel at the Foreign Ministry and Plastic Aero. The Willys Aero is renamed only "Aero".
The Rural gained two engine options: 3000cc / 6cilindros / or 2600cc 110HP / 6c / 90HP. Estofamento in black.
Ignition key back to the panel receives the Ford Jeep name.


wb: 2435 mm 4 cyl.
1289 cm³
68 hp (SAE)
4 cyl.
1289 cm³
80 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr -  
Coupe 2-dr GT  
Kombi 3-dr Belina - — new model

Corcel Belina

Aero and Itamaraty

wb: 2738 mm 6 cyl.
2638 cm³
130 hp (SAE)
6 cyl.
3014 cm³
140 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr Aero Itamaraty



Galaxie, LTD and Landau

wb: 3020 mm V8 cyl.
4458 cm³
170 hp (SAE)
V8 cyl.
4785 cm³
190 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr 500 LTD

Galaxie 500

Rural and F-75

wb: 2654 mm 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
90 hp (SAE)
6 cyl.
3014 cm³
110 hp (SAE)
Kombi 2-dr Rural Rural
Pick-up Jeep/F-75 F-75




wb: 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
90 hp (SAE)
2057 mm CJ-5
2565 mm CJ-6