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Ford 1952

Taunus G93A (R4 cyl, 1172cc, 34 PS, wb 2387 mm) - discontinued
Taunus 12M (R4 cyl, 1172 cc, 38 PS, wb 2489 mm) - new model


Taunus 12 M
12M to pierwszy powojenny model niemieckiego Forda. Dostępna jest tylko jedna wersja pontonowego nadwozia z silnikiem 1,2 litra o mocy 38 KM. Nowy Taunus jest droższy od poprzednika i kosztuje 7535 DM.
Production of the pre-war Taunus G93A cased in January in favour for the all new Taunus 12M. The engine remain the same but has more power.
Introduced at the beginning of 1952 the G 13 has all new self-supporting body in pontoon shape, independent front suspension, as before side-valve, long-stroke motor, but higher performance.