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Ford 1934

B – discontinued  
V8 Model 40    


40 V8 (V8 cyl., 221, 90 h.p.; wb: 112 in.)
  Deluxe Roadster
  Deluxe Phaeton
  Coupe 3 Window
  Coupe 5 Window
  Deluxe Coupe 5 Window
  Tudor Sedan
  Deluxe Tudor
  Fordor Sedan
  Deluxe Fordor
  Station Wagon
  Deluxe Sedan

Powstał milionowy V8.

Ford Model 40 of 1934 resembles the 1933 model, except for the V8 badge on the radiator grille which is now a triangular shape (rather than 'cut-out'), the wheel hub covers and two hood handles at each side instead of one. It is also available with the four-cylinder engine. Four-cylinder models has oval Ford emblem on hub caps.
Model 40 (V8) Roadster, Coupé, Sedans (Tudor and Fordor), Victoria. Phaeton, Cabriolet.
In Britain the 14.9 HP (Model 18) is continued alongside the Model 40.
World-wide Ford production during the year reached 859,526 units.

V-8 DeLuxe Tudor Sedan

V-8 De Luxe Fordor Sedan

V-8 3-Window Coupe

V-8 DeLuxe 5-Window Coupe

V-8 DeLuxe Cabriolet

V-8 Phaeton