Classic Car Catalogue

Franklin 1932


Series 16-A, Model 163 Airman
Series 17-A, Model 173 Twelve - new model
Series 18-A, Model 183 Olympic – new model


Supercharged Airman (6 cyl., o.h.v., 274.2, 100 h.p.; wb: 132 in.)
  Pirate Phaeton
  Pirate Touring
  Convertible Coupe
  Club Sedan
  Oxford Sedan
  Victoria Brougham

Franklin makes only air-cooled cars from 1902. The new Twelve is a large, heavy, $4000 car. The smaller, cheaper Olympic model was introduced in late 1932. 1,905 cars were built this year.




Come enjoy a new kind of performance. A performance in the tempo of tomorrow, that completely shadows all your present conceptions of fine car travel. A super-performance made possible in Franklin alone, by the new supercharged, air-cooled, twelve cylinder airplane engine.
Just mentioning some of the specifications of this new Twelve should quicken your heart and make you anxious to get behind the wheel – to put it through its paces – to discover once more the thrills that were yours when you first learned to drive a car.
This is the character of the new Franklin Twelve: 150 horsepower from the twelve cylinder, air-cooled engine – the same type of engine that has given aviation its greatest impetus. Superchager which forces the ingoing charge of mixture into every cylinder equally and in maximum quantity. Thus adding power – adding smoothness – and adding acceleration to an already sensational powerplant. Pressure air-cooling affords greater engine efficiency and economy, perfect cooling, and brings new freedom to touring. Now you can drive all day at high speed without overheating or loss of power – without the least thought or worry of the engine. And there is no water to boil, freeze, or leak.
Le Baron styled this long, low car of 144-inch wheelbase. Wherever it is seen, its brilliance, modernness, and freshness of design win new laurels for Franklin.
Come see the Franklin Twelve and enjoy its luxurious performance. Franklin also offers the 100-horsepower, Supercharged Airman of 132-inch wheelbase, with prices ranging from $2345 f. o. b. factory. Franklin Automobile Company, Syracuse, N. Y.


V12 cyl., 150 hp; wb: 144 in.





R6 cyl., 100 hp; wb: 132 in.


Airman Club Sedan