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Frazer Nash 1950

Great Britain

Fast Tourer / Mille Miglia (R6, 1971 cm)
Le Mans Replica (R6, 1971 cm)

Frazer Nash Cabriolet and Le Mans Replica


Frazer-Nash Cabriolet was introduced in September 1949. Powered by the Bristol 1971 -cc engine used in similar form on the competition Frazer-Nashes-this luxury tourer has a greater wheelbase and track than the competition models but, nevertheless, has a very low overall height. It features an ingenious windscreen, which folds down onto the scuttle, and two-folding emergency seats inside.
A Mille Miglia two-seater version was also introduced.

Mille Miglia at Earls Court




3rd Tourist Trophy #32 Le Mans Gerard
2nd Rudge Withworth Cup #30 Mille Miglia Mathieson / Stoop



  Targa Florio 02-03.04.1950 Results:  
      gen. category class
#433 Le Mans Cortese / Facetti 19th 17th in sport 6th in 1101-2000 cc

  Mille Miglia 23-24.04.1950 Results:
gen. group
#658 Le Mans Cortese / Teravazzi 6th 2nd - S2.0

  24h Le Mans 24.06.1950 Entrant: Results:
  gen. class perf. ind.
#30 Mille Miglia Mathieson / Stoop Aldington 9th 1st - 1501-2000 4th
#31 Le Mans Culpan / Wilson Culpan 20th 2nd - 1501-2000 27th

  Tourist Trophy 16.09.1950 Result:
 (not complete list)  
#30 High Speed Culpan 6th
#31 Le Mans Murray 13th
#32 Le Mans Gerard 3rd
#35 High Speed Crook 11th