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Frazer Nash 1956

Great Britain

Fixed Head Coupé (R6, 1971 cm) - ost rok. Od 1953 roku powstało zaledwie 9 egzemplarzy.
Continental Gran Turismo Coupé 2 ½ Litre (V8 cyl, 2430cc, ) - nowy model z 2drzwiowym, 2 miejscowym nadwoziem Coupé i zmodyfikowanym silnikiem BMW.

Frazer-Nash Le Mans Coupé. Powered by the 1971 -cc engine with a 9.0:1 compression ratio and an output of 140 bhp at 5750 rpm this two-door two-seater first introduced late in 1953 has similar general lines to the Sebring. All Frazer-Nashes are hand-built and very much tailored to meet individual owner's requirements.

These hand-built cars, are made to measure for the individual owner and for which he may specify his preferences in such details as pedal layout, steering column length and position, and axle and gear box ratios. They are of extremely high quality in materials, finish and behaviour, and fast beyond the experience of all but a very few drivers. Although made in very small numbers, virtually to special order, the Frazer-Nash helps to keep alive a precious tradition in strictly personal motoring. This year an exciting new model is introduced, basically in chassis form-and called the Continental. It is powered by the smaller capacity B.M.W. V-eight engine. This all-aluminium unit has been reduced in bore to bring it within the 2½-litre limit for competition purposes, and its inherent smoothness up to the limit of its crankshaft speed, combined with a very low all-up weight, promises the sort of long-distance travel most enthusiasts can only dream about. It will be fitted with coachwork to the customer's requirements. In most respects its chassis will resemble the current 2-litre car, but it will have a de Dion type of rear axle layout. No performance figures are yet available.





  24h Le Mans 28.07.1956 Entrant: Results:
chassis # gen. class perf. index
#23 Sebring 421/200/205 Stoop / Gaze Frazer-Nash acc. - -


Le Mans.


Frazer Nash in Le Mans.
In each race since the last war, Frazer Nash have been represented, and on every occasion they have been among the finishers-no mean achievement in this most gruelling of all races. This year it had been planned to run a prototype car fitted with the 2½-litre V8 B.M.W. engine, but as it was delivered to the Isleworth works only a fortnight ago, it was wisely decided not to attempt to prepare this entry for the race. However, a 2-litre Sebring model will be there. It is Sqn. Ldr. Stoop's car, with which he and Marcel Becquart finished tenth in the general classification last year. His co-driver this year will be Tony Gaze. This is a production car, with the 6-cylinder Bristol engine which develops approximately 142 b.h.p. at 5,750 r.p.m. The chassis is of simple tubular construction, and front suspension is by wishbones and a transverse leaf spring, with telescopic dampers. Steering is by rack and pinion and there is a de Dion rear axle with longitudinal torsion bars. The Girling brakes work in light-alloy drums.