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Ghia 1954



Cadillac Eldorado

Expansion was also on the cards as in 1954 Ghia formed a joint venture company with the smaller Monviso. The latter, founded by Casalis, had mainly produced ‘personalised’ versions of mass production cars such as the Fiat 600. Later the two companies merged, bringing a much needed boost to Ghia’s production capacity.

Ghia features an Italo-American product, the bright scarlet Adventurer II De Soto. In the centre of this very long car are two seats, with a platform for luggage behind them, for it is a twoseater Coupé. Front and rear ends of the wings are of circular section, and carry the head lamps, and the rear and brake lamps respectively.
An Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Coupé, in this coachbuilders' display, has a broad white band down the blue bonnet top and a corresponding blue band over the white roof top.

(Turin report)
Ghia, the Italian coachbuilders, were exhibiting a Coupé on an Alfa-Romeo Sprint chassis. The other Ghia body was a very smooth Coupé on an XK120 Jaguar chassis, with wire wheels; this was modelled on the lines of the very beautiful red Coupé 8V Fiat that was shown last year, enlarged now to cover the V-litre Jaguar engine.
(Paris report)


Chrysler ST Special

Chrysler ST Special (1955?)

Paris Motor Show

Dodge Firearrow II

Dodge Firearrow II

Dodge Firearrow III and IV.

Dodge Firearrow III Coupé

Plymouth Explorer

Plymouth Explorer

De Soto Adventurer


Adventurer II by Ghia for the King of Marocco.


Alfa Romeo 1900 CS Speciale at Los Angeles Auto Show.


Alfa Romeo 1900 SS by Giovanni Savonuzzi



Abarth Alfa Romeo 2000 at Turin Motor Show.


Jaguar in Paris



Convertible Simca at Paris Motor Show powered by a modified version of the engine used in the Aronde.



VSS at the Motor Show in New York.
The letters indicate " Vaughan Super Sports " and the car (which is equipped with a low and sleek grey body by Ghia) is said to be powered by a 1½-litre, V-eight, overhead-camshaft engine of entirely American manufacture.
It is actually last year's Abarth Fiat 103 GT.


Moretti Gran Sport


Volkswagen pre-prototype.