Classic Car Catalogue

Gilbern 1966

Genie – new model  

Great Britain

Gilbern GT has a glass fibre body on steel tube semi-space frame. Wishbones and coil springs for front suspension; rigid rear axle with radius- arms, coil springs and Panhard rod. Disc front brakes. Choice of two engines; MGB 1.8-litre or Ford V4 2-litre. Available as complete car or kit for tax-free assembly.

Genie, has much more attractive body with better interior, and all round better quality, on stronger chassis. Power is from Ford V6 112bhp 2495cc, or 140 bhp 2994cc, giving 110 or 120 mph top speed. All running gear is from MGB, with rack and pinion steering and front discs.



    R4 cyl.
1798 cc
95 bhp
V4 cyl.
1996 cc
88 bhp
GT Coupé    


January advert.



wb: 7ft. 8¾in.
(2356 mm)
V6 cyl.
V6 cyl.
140 bhp
Coupé     – new model