Classic Car Catalogue

Ginetta 1964

G4 (G5) sports wb: 6ft. 8¼in. 4 cyl.
1498 cc
78 bhp
G10 sports wb: 7ft. 6in. V8 cyl.
4727 cc
275 bhp
– new model  

Great Britain

G10 of 1964, has new stronger tubular space frame chassis, and 275 bhp Ford 4727cc V8 engine giving 150 mph top speed, and Ford gearbox. To keep down development costs, MGB doors and windscreen were used in the open two seater body. A closed body was also offered, also with MGB doors. Aimed at US market but not eligible for SCCA racing so not a success.
The G4 gained bigger Ford engine and optional hardtop.

A Series II G4 was introduced in 1963, followed by a Ford 1500 engined version, directly derived from racing experience. This was originally known as the G5 but was popularly, and later properly, known as the G41500. In 1964 Ginetta built three examples of a glassfibre-monocoque Formula 3 single-seater, the G8.