Classic Car Catalogue

Ginetta 1966

G4 sports wb: 6ft. 8¼in. 4 cyl.
1498 cc
78 bhp
G10 sports wb: 7ft. 6in. V8 cyl.
4727 cc
275 bhp
– discontinued (1965-66 - approx. 6 ex.)
G11 sports wb: 7ft. 6in. 4 cyl.
1798 cc
95 bhp
– new model

Great Britain

The super-Ginetta G10 with Ford Mustang V-8 engine proved unsuccesfull. G11 is similar to G10 but has MGB engine, running gear and even some body parts.
G4 Series 3 gets completely new chassis with Triumph Herald / Spitfire front suspension. Redesigned body gets pop up headlamps.

G 10