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Ginetta 1970

G21 – new model

Great Britain

The new, larger Ginetta G21 has all-independent suspension and a choice of 4- or 6-cylinder engines.

The company has now 20 staff building three G15s a week alongside the latest run of racing cars.



  wb: 6ft. 10in.
(2080 mm)
4 cyl.
875 cc
50 bhp


GINETTA G.15 £1,111 (incl. P.T.) Kit: £849 (no P.T.)
Real performer with more than 100 m.p.h. on tap from only 875 c.c. Using the light-alloy Hillman Imp engine in Sunbeam Sport tune, the little rear-engined G15 is a wind-cheater with streamlined glass-fibre bodywork on a steel chassis. Ginetta Cars have built some very successful racing machines and the G15 embodies much of their competition experience. It can be bought outright, or can be built-up from components, the latter of course being less-expensive. From the same company comes a new front-engined G21 fastback with three-litre Ford V6 engine, and claimed maximum of 135 m.p.h.

London Show review



  wb: 7ft. 7in. 4cyl.
1599 cc
85 bhp
V6 cyl.
2954 cc
137 bhp
Coupé       – new model