Classic Car Catalogue

Gordon-Keeble 1964

  wb: 8ft. 6in. V8 cyl.
280 bhp
GK1 Coupé  

Great Britain

Gordon-Keeble GK 1 Touring Saloon. An exciting new two-door, four-seater unveiled at the beginning of the year by this specialist company, which is based near Southampton and formed following a tie-up between John Gordon, Managing Director of Peerless Cars in the fifties, and designer Jim Keeble. Features include a fibreglass body styled by Bertone of Italy, a V8, 5.3-litre Chevrolet engine and luxury finish and fittings. Price is just £2798.

Between the launch in March 1960 and now much development took place. Ex-Jowett chief George Wansborough became interested in financing the project, and took the chair of a company based at premises close to Southampton Airport.To honour the fact that Jim Keeble had designed the car, it was re-named Gordon-Keeble, the type number GK 1 emphasising that.
When the car launched in March 1964, pictures showed at least a dozen of the GRP body shells being worked on in the same workshop. In March this year Gordon finally started production of his attractive Coupé. The car is now powered by a bigger, 5356cc, Chevrolet engine.