Classic Car Catalogue

Gordon-Keeble 1965

  wb: 8ft. 6in. V8 cyl.
280 bhp
GK1 Coupé  

Great Britain

Gordon Keeble is suspiciously under-priced at £2798. In marketing and performance terms it is direct competition for the Aston Martin DB5, which costs £4248, and this mean that potential customers take much convincing about what they are buying, so the GKI struggle to gain any sort of reputation. The hoped-for big export sales to the USA is not happening ether.
George Wansborough had apparently deliberately set a low price, but the company soon found that it was not generating enough cash to have many cars in build at the same time. In spite of a considerable price increase (to £3627 by early 1965), there was no relief, and the company's finances collapsed in May.