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Hillman 1957

Minx Phase VIII - discontinued in May
Minx Series I - discontinued
Minx Series II - August

Great Britain

Phase VIII Estate - ost. rok; powst. 94123 szt.
Nowy model Minx s.1 ma nadwozie wspólne z innymi modelami grupy Rootes: Singerem Gazelle i Sunbeamem Rapier zaprezentowanym w ubiegłym roku. Dostępny jest jako sedan, kabriolet a od czerwca także jako kombi. Silnik pozostał właściwie bez zmian, ale nowe jest zawieszenie.
W sierpniu ukazał się Minx Mk II nazwany 'Jubilee' z okazji 25 lecia wprowadzenia do produkcji serii Minx na przełomie 1931/32.

De Luxe Saloon £773 17s (£515 + £258 17s purchase tax)
Special Saloon £748 7s (£498 + £250 7s purchase tax)
Convertible £848 17s (£565 + £283 17s purchase tax)
Estate £938 17s (£625 + £313 17s purchase tax)

The Minx Estate Car continued in its Mark VIII form, until May 1957.
Hillman Minx Series I Estate Car, a steel-bodied, four-door model was introduced in June 1957. It is similar to the Minx Series I Saloon, both mechanically and with regard to its front end styling. Wheelbase is 8 ft. The other Minx models feature this styling from mid-1956 and are continued without material changes. All have a 1390-cc 'square' (76.2 x 76.2 mm bore and stroke) OHV Four engines.
In August the Series II model arrived, once again changes were mainly cosmetic although a semi-automatic gearbox was added to the option list.


Minx Series I

Series I (4 cyl, 1390 cc, 48 bhp; wb: 8' 0'')
 De Luxe Saloon
 Special Saloon
 Estate - June


Minx Series II

Series II (4 cyl, 1390 cc, 48 bhp; wb: 8' 0'')
 De Luxe Saloon
 Special Saloon



(1265 cc, 35 bhp; wb: 7' 0'')

TWO CARS in one! A smart, comfortable saloon for personal use . . . a sturdy load carrier for businesss transport . . . only one car to buy!
It's ingenious and practical. As a passenger car the low priced Hillman Husky seats 4 adults, with space for 250 lb. (113.4 kg.) baggage. Fold down the rear seat and it's ready to carry loads— up to 560 lb. (254 kg.) of bulky goods. A clear platform space is quickly, easily accessible from the wide rear door.
The Hillman Husky is easy to drive and manoeuvre, has a brisk, lively performance with ample pulIing power and a maximum speed of over 65 m.p.h. (104 k.p.h.). It is cheap to run—does up to 40 miles to the gallon (7 litres per 100 km.) under a wide variation of speed, load and road conditions. The Hillman Husky is ready to go anywhere, do any job—it is strong, tough, safe. It has all-steel unitary construction, dependable brakes, light and positive controls. A high efficiency suspension system with low pressure tyres holds the car firmly to the road, and gives smooth comfortable travel.
With this, the attraction and comfort of a modern saloon . . . light, bright interior . . . comfortable seating . . . easy controls . . . ventilation . . . all the essential amenities for pleasant travel. The Hillman Husky is the perfect combination for both pleasure and business.
There is a selection of attractive single-tone or two-tone colour schemes available, with smart waist-moulding in chrome.


Minx Phase VIII

Phase VIIIb (4 cyl, ohv, 1390 cc, 43 bhp; wb: 7' 9'')