Classic Car Catalogue

Hillman 1965

Imp - discontinued
Imp Mk II - September
Super Imp - September
Rallye Imp - new model
Minx Series V - discontinued
Super Minx Mk III - discontinued
Husky Series III - discontinued
Minx Series VI - September
Super Minx Mk IV - September

Great Britain

Husky - ost.rok; powstało 56.000 szt. Łącznie od 1954 roku około 118.000 szt.
Hillman Minx Series VI ma ten sam silnik co S. V, ale o pojemności powiększonej do 1725cm³, o mocy 65 KM. Angielski 'The Autocar' napisał że wnętrze projektował ktoś znający potrzeby kierowcy. Na tablicy rozdzielczej wykorzystano wiele elementów z nowego Imp-a. Samochód jest o około 20 funtów droższy od Series V; kosztuje 660 funtów.
Super Imp from 1965 gets better sound insulation, improved trim, additional instruments, standard fresh air heater, chrome strips, and small imitation front grille.
The '63 Hillman Minx Series V has revised styling, front brake discs and the 1592cc engine carried over from the Series IIIC. The estate and convertible bodies are no longer available to Minx buyers, although they are available in the Super Minx range introduced in 1961.
The 1965 Minx Series VI carry over the Series V styling and now incorporates the Super Minx 1725cc engine and an all synchromesh gearbox. This new engine deliveres more power and is more refined thanks to its five crankshaft bearings.
The Super Minx Series IV has a more powerful 1725cc engine and "six light" styling.
From Rootes Competition Derartment came Rallye Imp with lowered and stiffened suspension, a special instrument panel and extra slatting in the rear engine cover to keep the compartment cool. The engine is enlarged to 998 cc giving 60 bhp in a standard version and up to 110 bhp if highly tuned-up.
Probably to combat competition from the Ford Cortina and Corsair GT models, Rootes have a new version of the Super Minx for Switzerland which they call the GT or Special 84, fitted with the Rapier-Sceptre engine.
(Geneva report)

Imp and Super Imp

(4 cyl, 875 cc, 37 bhp; wb: 6' 10'')
Imp Saloon - end
Imp Mk II - new
Super Imp Saloon - new
Rallye Imp (4 cyl, 998 cc, 60-110 bhp) - new

Super Imp

Super Imp

Imp Mk2

Rally Imp


Series V (4 cyl, 1592 cc, 53 bhp; wb: 8' 0'') - end
Series VI (4 cyl, 1725 cc, 65 bhp; wb: 8' 0'') - new
 De Luxe Saloon

New advantages, more value!
You'll love this Hilman Minx, now with new advantages and even more value in family motoring. You drive a stylish, up-to-date saloon of sophisticated elegance - with the latest travel amenities and refinements included in the de luxe specification. You ride in superb comfort, enjoying the zestful high performance, the firm road-holding and safety of a quality-built Hillman car. You will appreciate the ease of control with light, positive steering, the smoothness of the 4-speed all-synchromesh gearbox, and the diaphragm-type clutch for lighter operation, less effort. Now you can afford luxury motoring - at an inexpensive price. You'll be thrilled with the Hillman Minx de Luxe Saloon, it's a wonderful buy!


Minx Series VI

Super Minx

Mk III (4 cyl, 1592 cc, 62 bhp; wb: 8' 5'') - end
Mk IV (4 cyl, 1725 cc, 65 bhp; wb: 8' 5'') - new



more powerfull • increased performance

A luxurious car! And under the bonnet, a powerful new 1,725 cc. engine - with a 5-bearing crankshaftt for smooth, quiet running. A new Hillman Super Minx, with increased power and torque, brilliant performance and speeds around 85m.p.h. Tested and proved for reliability, efficiency and economy.
The new Hillman Super Minx is the finest, most luxurious family-size car in its price range. A car with all the advantages.
Lively power and flexible performance. Smart, modern styling, with long, sleek lines and all-round vision.
A spacious interior, with all refinements. Quality seating and individual front seats that can be adjusted to a reclining position. Thorough sound-proofing. Heating and full amenities at no extra cost.
A smart facia panel, with new-type instruments and dimmable warning lights. Light, precise controls.
A 4-speed, all-synchromesh gearbox, for swift silent changes. A diaphragm clutch that needs only light pedal pressure. Disc brakes at the front, self-adjusting rear brakes, sealed beam headlamps and other safety features. A proved suspension system that ensures firm road-holding and a comfortable ride.
Advanced features throughout! Sturdy unitary construction. All greasing points eliminated - routine servicing only every 6,000 miles. Borg-Warner fully-automatic transmission or Laycock-de Normanville overdrive as an optional extra. All these advantages - with Hillman built-in quality and fine finish!



Series III (1390 cc, 41 bhp; wb: 7' 2'') - end










Rallye Imp in Tulip Rally