Classic Car Catalogue

Hindustan 1957


  wb: 2464 mm 4 cyl.
1489 cc
50 bhp
Landmaster Sedan 4-dr — discontinued
Ambassador Sedan 4-dr — new model



In 1957 all the tooling of the British Morris Oxford Series III was transferred to India. The car was renamed the Ambassador and series-production started in 1957.
Styling changes from the Morris Oxford series II (Landmaster) to Morris Oxford series III (Ambassador) includes deep headlamp cowls and small rear wing "tail fins" – all the rage in 1956. The dashboard and steering wheel are completely redesigned. The Landmaster's flat-plane two spoke steering wheel gave way to a stylish dished steering wheel with three spokes made-up of four wires per spoke, for the Ambassador. Also a new, dimpled hood made its debut. These models has a 1476 cc side valve BMC petrol engine.