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Honda 1964

S 500 – discontiued in September  
S 600 – new model in March  
T 360    
T 500 – new model in September  


Honda built 3,912 roadsters in 1964.


S 500

wb: 2000 mm 4cyl.
531 cm³
44 hp
roadster S 500 – discontiued


Honda 500 Sports

1,363 S500s were produced from October 1963 through September 1964.
There were a few pre-production S500s manufactured in left hand drive, two or three even being shown in some early sales brochures.


S 600

wb: 2000 mm 4cyl.
606 cm³
57 hp
roadster S 600 – new model in March


The Honda S 600 was launched in March. Available as a roadster – bearing strong resemblance to the Honda S500. Powered comes from a DOHC, water-cooled, four-cylinder inline engine with four Keihin carburetors. The engine capacity is increased to 606 cc from the S500's 531 cc. The engine produces 57 hp at 8,500 rpm and has a top speed of 90 mph (140 km/h). With the convertible weighs in at mere 1,576 lb (715 kg). Suspension is independent with sealed roller chain drive to each rear wheel. First offered only in right-hand drive, it soon became available in left-hand drive to appeal to export markets.


T 360 and T 500

wb: 2000 mm 4cyl.
356 cm³
30 hp
531 cm³
38 hp
truck T 360 T 500


The similar but somewhat larger T500 uses a 38 hp, 531 cc the engine, excluding it from the Kei car class. The T500, first shown in September 1964, is mainly intended for export markets. Its engine deliveres high in the rev range (maximum power arrived at 7,500 rpm, with redline at 9,000 rpm) and is a slightly downtuned version of the one found in the Honda S500 sports car. Top speed is 105 km/h (65 mph). The T500 is 20 cm longer (all behind the rear axle), as its overall length is not dictated by the Kei regulations. Another minor distinction is the fittings for license plates larger than those of a Kei car, as well as a higher 400 kg (882 lb) load capacity.


RA 271 V12 cyl. 1495 cm³ wb: 2300 mm – new model


Formula 1 entries:

Belgian GP
RA 271 # Bucknum   withdrawn
German GP
  RA 271 #20 Bucknum   13th
Italian GP
  RA 271 #28 Bucknum   ret
  RA 271 #25 Bucknum   ret

German GP, Nurburgring. Ronnie Bucknum in RA271, it was the first Honda's participation in world championship.