Classic Car Catalogue

Honda 1965

S 600    
S 800 – Tokio  
L 700 – new model in October  
T 360    
T 500    


Production of the S 600 climbed to 7,261 convertibles and 1,519 coupes in 1965.

S 600

wb: 2000 mm 4cyl.
606 cm³
57 hp
roadster S 600  
coupé S 600 – new model in March


Honda S 600
A fastback coupé introduced in March.

Honda S 600 Coupé

L 700 and P 700

wb: 2245 mm 4 cyl. ohc
687 cm³
52 hp
kombi L 700
Pick-up P 700


The L700 is a commercial station wagon produced from October 1965. It shares the S 600 roadster's mechanics and uses a bored out version of that car's high-tech inline-four engine. At 687 cc, the DOHC engine produces 52 hp with twin side-draft carburettors. The L700 is designed for commercial deliveries and referred to by Honda as a light van, but it appears as a conventional station wagon, seating five. Only a four-speed manual transmission is available. The front suspension is independent by MacPherson struts while the rear has a conventional leaf sprung live axle. Two models are built — the basic LA700 and better-equipped LM700. A third version, called the Honda P700 is a small pick-up truck version, with an exposed load bay and a standard cab situated behind the engine, using the same chassis as the L700 (front engine, rear drive). It appeared a month after the L700. Payload for all L and P-series models is 400 kg (880 lb).

Honda L 700

T 360 and T 500

wb: 2000 mm 4cyl.
356 cm³
30 hp
531 cm³
38 hp
truck T 360 T 500



RA 272 V12 cyl. 1495 cm³ 230 bhp wb: 2300 mm – new model


Formula 1 Victories:
1st Mexico GP RA 272 #11 Ginther
Formula 1 entries:
Monaco GP
  RA 272 #20 Ginther   fail.
RA 272 #19 Bucknum   fail.
Belgian GP
  RA 272 #10 Ginther   6th
  RA 272 #11 Bucknum   fail.
French GP
  RA 272 #26 Ginther   fail.
  RA 272 #28 Bucknum   fail.
British GP
  RA 272 #11 Ginther   fail.
Dutch GP
  RA 272 #22 Ginther   6th
Italian GP
  RA 272 #20 Ginther   fail.
  RA 272 #22 Bucknum   fail.
  RA 272 #11 Ginther   7th
  RA 272 #12 Bucknum   13th
Mexico GP
  RA 272 #11 Ginther   1st
  RA 272 #12 Bucknum   5th

Belgian GP, Spa. Richie Ginther in the Honda RA271 (Honda Racing, 6th).

Mexican GP. Richie Ginther, Honda RA272, Honda Racing & Development. The first Formula 1 win for Honda.

Richie Ginther in the RA272 qualifying for Monaco GP, Monte Carlo (Honda Racing).

Dutch GP, Zandvoort. Richie Ginther in the Honda RA272 (Honda Racing, 6th).