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Humber 1934

16/60 - ost. rok
Snipe 80

Great Britain

Humber Twelve have a four-cylinder side-valve engine of 1669-cc cubic capacity (69.5 x 110 mm), rated at 11.98 HP. Power output is 42 bhp at 3800 rpm. The Sports Tourer sold at £285 and like the standard Saloon (£265) feature the early style radiator grille and louvred bonnet side panels. Twelve Vogue Saloon differ from other Twelves mainly in having bonnet ventilating doors like the bigger Humbers and special 'hardtop' bodywork, designed in collaboration with Captain Molyneux, M.C., of London and Paris. It sold at £335. Twelve Sports Saloon, priced at £320, share front end styling with Vogue model.
Foursome Drophead Coupé bodywork is available on the Snipe 80 or 16/60 chassis. Prices are £495 and £535 respectively. The 16/60 and Snipe 80 chassis are identical in most respects, main differences being in engine size (2276 and 3498-5 cc, 55 and 77.8 bhp resp.) and tyre size (6.50-18 and 6.50-17 resp.).
Snipe 80 is available with six different body styles, as well as in chassis form (£345) for the mounting of special bodies. The six-cylinder side-valve engine have a bore and stroke of 80 x 116 mm and is rated at 23.8 HP. Snipe 80 Sports Saloon, costing £550.
Four-light Saloon, available on 16/60 and Snipe 80 chassis, is priced at £450 and £490 respectively.
Pullman is mechanically similar to the Snipe 80, featuring the same 77.8-bhp 23.8 HP 3.5-litre engine. The wheelbase, however, is one foot longer at 11 ft. Sedanca De Ville cost £895 and have coachwork by Thrupp & Maberly. Pullman with Thrupp & Maberly Sedanca Coupé bodywork 4/5-seater model have a three-way folding top, easily adaptable as an open Sports Tourer, or Semi-closed Coupé.

No previous Humber range has incorporated so many attractive new features as the models described and illustrated in this catalogue.
There are new chassis features, such as a Synchro-Mesh gearbox with silent 2nd, 3rd and top gears : Free Wheel : Automatic starting and Choke control : Automatic ignition advance and retard : Stevenson built-in jacking system : Self-lubricating dual-rate springs : Dynamo output control: and Improved Servo brakes. The new engines have an even higher power output and still more effortless performance with enhanced silence.



12 (R4 cyl, 1669 cc, 42 bhp; wb: 8' 2½'')

The Humber Twelve
Until last year, when the Humber "Twelve" was introduced, many motorists had been driving bigger cars than they really needed because they demanded a performance no light car could give them.
The thoroughbred qualities and exceptionally lively performance of the "Twelve" have quickly established it as a car as widely accepted among experienced motorists as its big brothers in the Humber range.
In addition to the well-known features "Cyclonic Induction", "Cushioned Power" and the Humber four-speed "Silent Third" gearbox, a dashboard controlled Free wheel has now been added.
SEATING. Front bucket seats adjustable over a range of 51 inches. Side arm-rests and centre folding arm-rests to rear seats.
UPHOLSTERY. Finest, grained furniture hide in colours to harmonise with exterior schemes. Specially designed spring cushions and squabs (pneumatic cushions in rear of Vogue saloon). Pile carpets with felt underlay in front.
EQUIPMENT. Saloon Model. Chromium plated interior and exterior fittings. Triplex glass (Toughened for Export) throughout. Direction indicators. Sunshine Roof. Windows controlled by hand winders: front windows by quick-lift levers. Ashtray to front compartment and one on either side of rear seat. Cigar lighter. Rope pulls. Dual wind-screen wipers. Licence holder. Interior driving mirror. Roof light. Hinged rear quarter lights. Mahogany or walnut interior fillets. Two large cubby holes in instrument panel. Rear window blind operated from driver's seat. Locks to all doors. Pockets to rear doors. Small cabinet in each of rear corners. Luggage grid.
Vogue Saloon. This model has special type ventilators in scuttle, inbuilt direction indicators, sliding quarter lights, built-in luggage box, twin electric horns, bumpers and stop light. Spring steering-wheel.
Sports Tourer. Full four-seater body built on semi-sporting lines, richly upholstered in best quality leather, pneumatic rear cushion, flat folding wind-screen, twin electric wipers, twin electric horns, spring steering-wheel, outside driving mirror, stop light, spare wheel cover and tonneau cover, pockets to doors.
CHASSIS. Engine has three-bearing crankshaft with counterweights forged integral with webs. "Cyclonic" induction. "Cushioned Power".
FUEL SYSTEM. Mechanical fuel pump. Tank capacity 10 gallons.
IGNITION. Coil and distributor with both automatic and manual advance. Automatic vacuum control giving correct setting under normal conditions. "Startix" automatic starting.
CONTROLS. Throttle and ignition levers, and a single lever controlling charging, lighting and dipping, are sunk in top of steering column, flush with the wheel, but, in addition, a separate switch is fitted which automatically gives an extra charge to the battery when the car is free wheeling. Central hand-brake and change, speed levers lying conveniently to driver's hand.
CLUTCH. Single dry plate clutch, totally enclosed.
GEARBOX. Four-speed with "Silent Third". Unit construction with the engine. Free wheel with dashboard control.
SPRINGS. Extra long semi-elliptic.
BRAKES. Self - energising Duo - Servo 4-wheel brakes, 10" diameter brake drums. Separately operated on all wheels by both hand and foot.
STEERING. Marles Weller type. (Left hand steering optional.)
WHEELS AND TYRES. Detachable wire wheels with large chromium plated hubcaps. Dunlop 5.00X 18 tyres.
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Lucas 12-volt system with separate dynamo and starter. Electric horn. Dual screenwiper.


16/60 and Snipe 80

16/60 (R6 cyl, 2276 cc, 55 bhp; wb: 10' 4'')
Snipe 80 (R6 cyl, 3498.5 cc, 77.8 bhp; wb: 10' 4'')

The Humber Snipe '80' and 16/60
The new Snipe `80' and 16/60 models express the typical thoroughness and mechanical ingenuity of Humber designers and engineers. Here you will find the latest ideas in case of control and driving comfort-and every one proved by Humber to be thoroughly sound and worthy of adoption.
Free-wheel, giving a remarkable "clutchless" gear change; synchromesh gearbox; new type Radius Rods, ensuring absolute steadiness of steering over the roughest roads and eliminating any possibility of brake snatch; self-lubricating springs; thermostatic and automatic radiator shutters; Stevenson jacking system; place the new Snipe '80' amongst the world's finest cars for performance, comfort, and ease of control.
The same features on the popular 16/60 model should ensure the continuance of the steady increase in the sales of this model which has been recorded year after year.
SEATING. Full accommodation for five passengers. Front bucket seats adjustable over a range of 8 inches. Folding foot rests to rear seats. Rear seat with side armrests and centre folding arm-rest. Folding foot-boards and tables at rear of front seats on most models. A special drop glass partition behind the driver can be fitted to 4-light and 6-light saloon models at an extra charge.
UPHOLSTERY. Finest grade pleated furniture hide, in colours to harmonize with exterior schemes. Specially designed spring cushions and squabs. Pile carpet with felt underlay in front: wool mat in rear.
EQUIPMENT. Chromium plated interior and exterior fittings : Triplex glass throughout (Toughened for Export) : windows including rear quarter lights controlled by hand winders : adjustable one-piece wind-screen with dual electric wipers-concealed, at bottom (at top on Tourer) : Mahogany or walnut interior fillets : concealed automatic direction indicators on Saloons, with automatic control which prevents car being driven on after a turn with indicator still in position : independent reversing, stop and rear lights : licence holder : driving mirror: Cigar lighters to front and rear compartments: Ashtrays either side of rear seat : winding quarter lights on coach-built Saloons : Large cubby holes either side of instrument panel : Rear window blinds in Saloon models operated from driver's seat : Luggage grids on all models, except Sports Saloon and Foursome Coupé, which have luggage container. Full complement of tools (wheel tools housed under bonnet) : locks and pockets to doors.
CHASSIS The Snipe '80' engine is of higher horse-power than the '16/60', the gear ratios are higher, otherwise the two chassis are almost identical. Both engines have 7-bearing crankshafts : balanced statically and dynamically, fitted with vibration damper and counterweights forged integral with webs. Special Humber engine and transmission suspension (Cushioned Power). Cyclonic induction giving a quick pick up from hot or cold starting, without a warming-up period. The induction system, which proved so efficient on previous models, is still further improved, and a new device is added which automatically closes the radiator shutters immediately the engine stops, thus conserving the engine heat for a longer period, avoiding cold starts, and saving petrol.
FUEL SYSTEM. High efficiency downdraught carburettor with automatic choke control operated by under-bonnet temperature. Set to give rapid acceleration and a smooth flow of power at all speeds.
IGNITION. Coil and distributor, with automatic advance and retard. The automatic (vacuum) control gives correct setting under all conditions. "Startix" optional automatic starting is also fitted.
CONTROLS. Throttle lever and charging and lighting switch each on facia board. A lever controlling headlamp dip and switch; and a lever controlling the direction indicators are fitted to the steering wheel. Central change speed lever and right-hand brake. Anti-thief steering lock and ignition switch on steering column.
CLUTCH. Single dry plate, totally enclosed.
GEARBOX. Four speeds, with silent 2nd and 3rd and Synchro-mesh engagement for 3rd and top gears, in unit construction with the engine. Free-wheel affording "clutchless" gear change, with dashboard control.
TRANSMISSION. Hardy Spicer dynamically balanced propeller shaft.
SPRINGS. Semi-elliptic and self-lubricating, by semi-automatic system. Damped against pitching by "Luvax" thermostatically controlled hydraulic shock absorbers (driver control by lever under steering wheel on Pullman). Front shock absorbers transversely mounted, giving improved suspension and stability. Torque members on front axle for smoother braking and easier steering over the roughest roads.
BRAKES. Duo-Servo self-energising 4-wheel brakes of improved design giving far smoother, more powerful braking, with light pedal pressure. Long hand brake lever on right-hand side.
STEERING. Worm and nut type, inherently free from backlash, and light and positive in action. Self-centring. Impervious -to road shocks.
FRAME. Deep-sectioned, with diagonal cross-bracing to ensure rigidity and great strength.
WHEELS AND TYRES. Detachable wire wheels with large handsome chromium plated hub-caps. Dunlop tyres-6.00X18 on '16/60', 6.50X17 on Snipe '80', 7.00X18 on Pullman.
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Lucas 12-volt system with automatic dynamo output control, giving improved battery life and freedom from electrical trouble: separate starter. "Startrix" optional automatic con trot. Twin electric horns (on Snipe 80 and Pullman), Dual screen wipers, with silent motor concealed under bonnet. Dip and switch reflector head-lamps. "Stop" light operated by brake pedal and independent reverse light by gear lever when in reverse position.



Pullman (R6 cyl, 3498.5 cc, 77.8 bhp; wb: 11' 0'')

The Pullman
This year a new Pullman, destined to occupy a prominent position, with perfect assurance, at those places where fashionable people and their cars foregather.
The Pullman has long been a leader among cars of its type-a thoroughbred in craftsmanship and performance, a beautiful and attractive car. Yet in elegance and performance alike the new Pullman surpasses its predecessors. Humber engineers have produced a car which from its graceful cruiser radiator to the fashionable "long-skirted" tail is an achievement in sound construction and perfect design.
Dual-rate springing, sway eliminator and driver-controlled shock absorbers make this model unique for its comfort on the road and steadiness on corners.
SEATING. There is ample accommodation for seven persons. Two large occasional seats face forwards (sideways in Sedanca de Ville) and fold away flush when not in use. Rear seats have a folding centre arm, rest and are adjustable by hand winder. All windows have hand winders and flush fitting draught-proof ventilation louvres.
UPHOLSTERY. The deeply cushioned seats in front compartment are upholstered with grained furniture hide : in rear compartment with finest beige West of England cloth or grained furniture hide to choice : down cushions. Roof linings of finest cloth.
EQUIPMENT. Ash-tray in front and rear compartments : cigar lighters in both compartments : dual electric wind-screen wipers with silent motor under dashboard : interior sun vizors on limousine and landaulette : glove boxes : concealed rear window blind : blinds to quarter lights and a drop glass partition behind driver : new type Dictograph telephone from rear compartment to driver : thick pile carpets: silk wool mats in rear compartment : rear seat rope pulls: figured walnut interior finish : locks to all doors : exterior driving mirror : all bright fittings, inside and out, chromium plated. Triplex glass (Toughened for Export) throughout. A handsome mascot can be supplied at a small additional cost
CHASSIS. In general construction this is similar to that of the "Snipe", but the Pullman has three new features of unusual interest:-"Sway" eliminator, driver-controlled shock absorbers at rear, and dual-rate springing. The wheelbase is longer and the frame still more robust to carry seven-passenger coachwork.