Classic Car Catalogue

Humber 1948

Hawk Mk II – discontinued
Snipe – discontinued
Super Snipe – discontinued in September
Pullman – discontinued in May
Pullman Mk II – new model
Super Snipe Mk II – new model
Hawk Mk III – October (London)

Great Britain

Humber Hawk, Snipe and Super Snipe are continued from 1947 with very little change except the adoption of steering-column gearshift on the Hawk, in September 1947. The system is called 'Synchromatic finger-tip gear change'. With this modification the Hawk is now known as Mark II. All three cars were discontinued in September/October and superseded in production by the entirely newly-styled Hawk Mark III and face-lifted Super Snipe Mark II.
Humber Pullman was the first Humber to receive a post-war face-lift, clearly from the same Rootes stylists responsible for the Hillman Minx Mark II. The Pullman in its basic form is a Limousine with immense 131" wheel base with centre division and the new edition, again bodied by Thrupp & Maberley, is designated Mark II.
Series III Snipe of 1948 is heavily re-styled version of Series II with new more modern front and rear end treatments with bulbous wings incorporating headlamps, and alligator bonnet, but still with running boards. Engine is still side valve 100 bhp 4086cc giving 84mph top speed. Transverse leaf ifs at the front and cart springs at back, and column change.
From October 1948 Hawk Mark III becomes longer bonneted version of Hillman Minx, with full width bodywork and vertical grille with horizontal side grilles. Engine is still side valve 1944cc giving 56 bhp and 69mph top speed. Coil spring ifs cart spring rear, and column change.

The New Finger-Tip Gearchange Now Featured on the Humber Hawk
This new type of gearchange provides many advantages.
It's simple to operate. All that is necesary is just a flip of the finger-and what a change! Instantly, silently, smoothly you're in the gear you want. No fumbling, no uncertainty, no pre-selection necessary.
It gives increased rominess in front compartment. Elimination of old fashioned gear lever gives a flatter floor in front compartment, more roominess, greater comfort for both driver and front passenger. You can stretch your legs and change your position without compromising the gearchange!
It makes for greater safety on the road. The Synchromatic lever is fitted to the steering column. There is therefore no need to remove your hand far from the steering wheel, and no temptation to take your eyes off the road when you change.
It gives easier, safer entrance and exit. The entrance to the driving seat from the nearside or to the front pasenger's seat from the offside of the car is unobstructed. It is a simple matter to slip easily and quickly into and out of the car. There is no need for the driver to risk the danger of getting out of the car into traffic, or walking into the road to enter car.
It provides a new thrill for the expert motorist. What a change this is for life expert motorist too! Faster changes, quicker getaways and a new zest to driving which must be experienced to be appreciated. The driver can handle the car as he wishes, the change is positive and instantaneus-Synchromalic takes none of the pleasure out of driving, it increases it.
It gives the new driver greater confidence. Synchromatic ensures a smooth, easy gearchange. If you happen to change at the wrong moment, Synchramatic prevents crashing. No double de-clutching is ncecssary-a boon to the new driver!
It is based upon accepted engineering practice. New Synchromatic 4-speed Gearbox incorporates, the proved basic principles of the Synchromesh Gearbox. Its layout is straightforward and inherently reliable, avoiding complicated mechanism and achieving maximum efficiency by simplicity of design.
There is nothing new to learn. Synchromatic takes advantage of accepted driving practice-the clutch pedal is still there and located in the normal place. Only a few minutes' driving is required to acquaint oneself with the change.


Hawk Mk II

Hawk (4 cyl, 1944 cc, 56 bhp)


Snipe and Super Snipe

Snipe (6 cyl, 2731 cc, 65 bhp)
Super Snipe (6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 9' 6'')



(6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp)
Pullman Limousine (wb: 10' 7 ½'')


Pullman Mk II

(6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp)
Pullman Limousine (wb: 10' 11'')


Super Snipe Mk II

(6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp)

Super Snipe Mk II

Super Snipe Drophead Coupé by Tickford.

Super Snipe Tickford


The Humber Super Snipe has established an international reputationn for exceptional performance and reliability. Recognised in war by all Services as an outstanding success in the many guises in which it served, it has in peace rapidly re-established itself in world markets, thus making an important contribution to the export drive and to the overseas prestige of the British Motor Industry.
The latest model in this range incorporates the results of years of engineering research and development, and not only offers the effortless, exhilarating performance of its predecessors but in addition provides full six-seater roominess and comfort.
The styling of the wide body is modern yet dignified, and, as the handsome frontal appearance indicates, traditional Humber elegance of coachwork is combined with progressive yet restrained design. The smooth, flowing contours of the car emphasize the impression of dynamic power.
The dimensions of the Super Snipe are those of a roomy six-seater, but care has been taken to keep the car as compact as possible. The wide bench seat in front is fully adjustable to suit individual requirements and is fitted with a centre folding armrest; the wide front doors are also fitted with armrests. The provision of the proved Synchromatic finger-tip gearchange gives a completely unobstructed floor for the benefit of the three front occupants.
The back seat is also of generous dimensions and has a centre folding and two side armrests. The seating throughout is of true Humber quality, deeply-cushioned and contour-correct. All passengers are located within the wheelbase.
The superb riding qualities of the car are further accentuated by the wide front track, and precise control at the high speeds of which it is capable is assisted by the special high efficiency, variable ratio steering mechanism which also increases manceuvrability in confined spaces. The suspension system is compounded of the proved Evenkeel independent front springing, long semi-elliptic rear springs,, an anti-sway bar and hydraulic shock absorbers which guarantee smooth, safe, steady travel over all types of road surfaces. Lockheed hydraulic two-leading-shoe brakes provide the highest margin of safety, matching the performance of the car with their stopping power.
The accommodation for luggage has been planned on the assumption that provision must be made for the requirements of all six occupants,, and that luggage should be protected against rain and dust at all times. In addition, the cubby box in the facia panel, pockets in all doors, and the wide parcel shelf at the rear ensure that the many incidental items normally carried within the car do not obstruct the occupants.
This model bears throughout the distinctive mark of Humber craftsmanship and skill in engineering design, an assurance that the latest Super Snipe is a worthy addition to a range of cars long noted for their quality.


Hawk Mk III

Hawk (4 cyl, 1944 cc, 56 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8' 9 ½'')