Classic Car Catalogue

Humber 1953

Hawk Mk V
Super Snipe Mk IV
Imperial Mk III - discontinued
Pullman Mk III - discontinued
Imperial Mk IV - new model
Pullman Mk IV - new model

Great Britain

Humber Super Snipe Mark IV Saloon for 1953 feature a completely redesigned body of the full-width type, a new chassis with coil spring and wishbone IFS, and an entirely new 4-litre, six-cylinder OHV engine which develop 113 bhp at the unusually low speed of 3400 rpm. In the autumn the power gone up to 116 bhp the car beeing dsignated Mk IVA.
Imperial and Pullman gained the 4.1 litre overhead-valve "Blue Riband" engine with all synchromesh gearbox.



Mk V (4 cyl, 2267cc, 58 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8' 9½'')
 Limousine (wb: 8' 9½'')

Praised for its Beauty . . .
HERE is a car with brilliant new styling, beauty of line and a fine performance. There is superb comfort for five/six passengers, smooth riding over any surface, the most generous luggage accommodation and really dependable and economical operation.
The following pages illustrate some of the features that have already made the Humber Hawk so popular on the roads of the world. Here is your opportunity to drive and own a car of style and elegance—backed up, not only by proved methods of manufacture, but also material quality for which Humber have so long been renowned.
The correctly contoured seating provides luxurious comfort for all occupants of the car. The front seat is quickly and easily adjustable to suit any driver, and for additional comfort there is a soft and deeply padded central folding arm-rest in both the front and rear compartments, and side arm-rests to all doors.
There is provision for fitting a highly efficient heating and air-circulating unit which regulates the interior temperature of the car and this fits neatly below the facia panel. In addition the press button "His Master's Voice" Automobile Radio is styled to form an integral part of the car's interior. Both these fitments are available as optional extras. Instructions for the fitting of radio should be given at the time the car is ordered as this instrument cannot be supplied as a separate unit. Care should be taken to ascertain that car radio is suited to local conditions.
To add to the distinction of an already smart car, the Humber Hawk wheels may be fitted with Rootes Group 'Rimfinishers' at small extra cost.


Super Snipe

Mk IV (6 cyl, 4139 cc, 113 bhp) - end
Mk IVA (6 cyl, 4139 cc, 116 bhp) - new
 Saloon (wb: 9' 7¾'')
 Limousine (wb: 9' 7¾'')

  Here is a brilliant new car!
Meet the latest and finest Humber Super Snipe ever to take the road. Here are standards of design, performance and comfort of an entirely new order.
  Here is exhilarating, swift, smooth and ultra-safe motoring combined with real luxury.
  Drive this car and prove it yourself. Never in Humber's 50 years experience has there been anything to equal it.
With the 'Blue Riband', a new 6 cylinder O.H.V. engine of great flexibility and power, the Super Snipe responds in a flash at a touch of the throttle. Watch that needle race round the speedometer dial. 70, 80 and better than 90 m.p.h.! Ride the road as never before - so stable, so smooth.
  Thrill to its handling qualities - feather light - precise. Touch the brakes. Positive, smooth, safe and efficient. Enjoy interior comfort and appointments of exceptional quality.
  Enjoy the advantages of exceptional all-round vision. Complete road mastery is at your command.
Here are new peaks of motoring efficiency. The Super Snipe is supreme,, fully backed by Humber's great tradition for fine cars.
  The heart of the New Humber Super Snipe, is the powerful and instantly responsive 'Blue Riband' 6 cylinder overhead valve engine, the high efficiency of which is matched by extreme flexibility throughout its whole speed range.
  Designed for the Super Snipe, the 'Blue Riband' was evolved only after years of arduous research and relentles testing. Not a single part escaped the critical inspection of Humber engineers, metallurgists and technicians, in their quest for perfection.
  Immensely strong, with a seven-bearing crankshaft for extra rigidity; fully machined combustion chambers for greater thermal efficiency, and chrome-plated top piston rings to reduce cylinder bore wear, the 'Blue Riband' provides that high and effortless cruising speed so essential for long-distance touring.


Imperial and Pullman

Mk III (6 cyl, sv, 4086 cc, 100 bhp) - end
MK IV (6 cyl, ohv, 4139 cc, 113 bhp) - new
Pullman Limousine (wb: 10' 11'')
Imperial Saloon