Classic Car Catalogue

Humber 1955

Hawk Mk VI
Super Snipe Mk IV

Great Britain

Estate version of the Hawk and Super Snipe in September.



Mk VI (4 cyl, ohv, 2267 cc, 70 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8' 9½'')
 Limousine (wb: 8' 9½'')
 Estate Car (wb: 8' 9½'') - September

Humber Hawk Estate Car


Super Snipe

Mk IVB (6 cyl, 4139 cc, 122/130 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 9' 7¾'')
 Limousine (wb: 9' 7¾'')
 Estate Car (wb: 9; 7¾'') - September

The Humber Super Snipe Touring Limousine is a dual-purpose car designed to provide either the advantages of a chauffeur-drivenn limousine, or when desired, the less formal atmosphere of an owner-driver saloon. The front seat, together with the glass division, is fully adjustable, thus permitting a variable degree of leg-room for the driver or rear compartment passengers. The division itself is also fully adjustable and may be locked in any desired position by means of a centrally placed lever attached to the panelling on the back of the seat. Immediately below the lever is a neatly recessed ashtray, flanked by a cigar lighter at the left and the courtesy light control at the right.