Classic Car Catalogue

Humber 1962

Hawk Series II - discontinued
Super Snipe Series III - discontinued
Hawk Series III - September
Super Snipe Series IV - September

Great Britain

Hawk Series III and Super Snipe Series IV were introduced in September. The Super Snipe Series IV is distinguishable from the Series III by a restyled rear window, central radiator grille badge and chrome finishing on roof guttering and tail fins. Various other changes also incorporated.
Saloon £1,204.2.9 incl. PT.
Limousine £1,314.2.9 incl. PT.
Estate Car £1,506.12.9 incl. PT.
MANY minor but worthwhile changes appear for 1963 in this roomy and comfortable Rootes product. For more effortless cruising, the axle ratio has been raised. Laycock overdrive, an optional extra, now works on third as well as top gears, giving six ratios in all. Tank capacity is increased from 12 ½ to 16 gallons, the steering gear is strengthened, and the gearbox modified to give longer life expectation. The heating system's controls have been improved and the temperature of the air delivered by this equipment is now controlled by thermostat. Distribution of air between screen and body interior is regulated by a separate control. At nearly 2.3 litres, the Hawk engine is one of the biggest fours in production, but it is also one of the smoothest. Its only conventional feature, by modern standards, is its very long stroke.
Super Snipe:
Saloon £1,541.03 incl. PT.
Limousine £1,678.103 incl. PT.
Estate Car £1,781.12.9 incl. PT.
A LIST of improvements as long as your arm heralds the '63 Super Snipe range, again comprising a saloon, a limousine and an estate car. More power from the inclined-valve six-cylinder engine ... a higher back axle ratio (except where automatic transmission is specified) ... steering gear partly redesigned ... new diaphragm-type clutch fitted, giving longer life and lighter control ... fuel tank capacity increased and "low" warning light added to facia instruments ... It doesn't end there, though. The interior lighting arrangements have been overhauled, a headlamp flasher switch incorporated in the turn indicator control, a larger parcel pocket provided in each front door, the propeller-shaft centre bearing modified to quell any trace of transmission vibration, the heating and ventilation system improved, a resonator box added to the exhaust silencing system, etc., etc. The Super Snipe, of course, normally has three speeds in combination with overdrive; the latter formerly operated on second and top gears, but by closing the second/top gap the Humber engineers have eliminated the need for the overdrive-on-second facility. An increase of £70 in basic price applies to all Super Snipe models.

(London report)


Series II / III (4 cyl, 2267 cc, 73 bhp, wb: 9' 2'')
 Estate Car


Super Snipe

Series III (6 cyl, 2965 cc, 121 bhp; wb: 9' 2'') - end
Series IV (6 cyl, 2965 cc, 124 bhp; wb: 9' 2'') - new
 Estate Car

Super Snipe s.III

Super Snipe s.III

Super Snipe Estate Car

Super Snipe s.IV at Earls Court.