Classic Car Catalogue

Humber 1966

Sceptre Mk II
Hawk Series IVA
Super Snipe Series VA

Great Britain

HUMBER HAWK - outstanding product from the Rootes Group. It has good traditional looks, lush comfort inside and onthe road it motors quietly and smoothly. Plenty of room for the family; good luggage space and, absolute reliability are bull points for this car which continues to sell well in many markets.
(Four-cyl.; o.h.v.; 2,267 c.c.; 73 b.h.p.; £960 + £222 p.t. = £1,182)
HUMBER IMPERIAL - ONE of the most expensively equipped cars in the wide Rootes range, the Imperial supplies a host of luxuries both for driver and passengers at a very reasonable cost. For the driver there is power-assisted steering, power-assisted brakes (discs in front), adjustable rear dampers and automatic transmission. For the passengers: occasional tables, cigar lighters in armrests; reading lamps, speakers at front and rear-the lot.
(Six-cyl.; o.h.v.; 2,965 c.c.; 128 b.h.p.; £1,565 + £361 p.t. = £1,926)

(London report)


Mk II (4 cyl, 1725 cc, 85 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8'5'')



Series IV (4 cyl, 2267 cc, 73 bhp, wb: 9' 2'')
 Estate Car


Super Snipe and Imperial

Super Snipe (6 cyl, 2965 cc, 129 bhp; wb: 9' 2'')
 Estate Car
Imperial (6 cyl, 2965 cc, 129 bhp; wb: 9' 2'')

Super Snipe