Classic Car Catalogue

Imperia 1934

N-4/N-6 Mouette – discontinued (?)
TA-7 (995 ccm) – new model
TA-9 Albatros (1645ccm) – new model


Połączenie z Minerwą.
Zakup licencji od niemieckiego Adlera.

At the Brussels Salon in 1934, Imperia presents the TA-9 Albatros, a 4-door sedan with a 4 cylinder 1.65 litre Adler engine.
In December the program includes the TA-9, four-door sedan and Albatros 9 CV convertible, plus TA-7 in two-door convertible and Mouette.
The company merged with Minerva in 1934.
Meanwhile, the company changed its name for Société Nouvelle des Automobiles Impéria and diversify by producing machine tool.
Imperia TA11, 1934-1938, 4-cyl. SV 1645cc 45hp (?)



TA-9 Albatros




Entries and results:
Race: Best res.:
Spa 10 Hours 08.07.1934 (3rd 3.0)

10 10 Hours of Spa at Francorchamps.

Imperia won the Copa del Rey for 10 Hours of Francorchamps.