Classic Car Catalogue

International 1949


KB-1 – discontinued
L – new model


Between 1947 and 1949 122,000 KB-1 and KB-2 trucks were sold. The KB series was subsequently replaced by the L-Series.

The International Harvester L-Series Trucks were introduced by International Harvester as the replacement for the KB-Series and ran the gamut from light pickup trucks and delivery vehicles to full size tractor trailers. Electric wipers, a radio, and a clock are optional.
Engine: Silver Diamond 220 Inline-six, 220.5 cu in (3,613 cc).
Wheelbase: 115"/127" (L-110/L1-111)
Weights: L-110 1,600 lbs (¾ ton), L-111 1,900 lbs (1-ton)