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Isotta Fraschini 1932


Tipo 8B 



Introduced in 1919, the Tipo 8 was supplied as a chassis only. Coachbuilders included Italy's best such as Castagna and Sala, and many more firms in Europe and America. The Tipo 8 did particularly well on the American market, with about 450 being sold there between 1919 and 1932 out of a total production of 1380. Buyers included many Hollywood stars such as Rudolph Valentino and Clara Bow, while boxer Jack Dempsey and newspapers tycoon William Randolph Hearst were also Tipo 8 owners. Elsewhere buyers included the Queen of Rumania. the King of Egypt, the Aga Khan, several Indian princes, Pope Pius XI, Benito Mussolini and the Swedish millionaire Erik Akerlund.

ln June 1932 there were 19 unsold cars. 8As as well as 8Bs, 52 new 8B chassis and components for assembling 48 more.

Only one chassis is to be marketed for 1932. This will be a straight-eight machine of 44.3 h.p. with a capacity of 7,372 c.c. Two "U" type Zenith carburettors are fitted, each being bolted to a separate manifold and feeding four cylinders. Ignition is by the coil-and-battery system. The car can be obtained either with an orthodox three-speed gearbox or with a Wilson four-speed self-changing box, similar to that fitted by Armstrong-Siddeley. Except for this feature, the chassis layout remains the same as in the current Isotta.
Chassis prices :—With 3-speed gearbox £1,850, with Wilson gearbox £1,950.
Concessionaires' address : Isotta Motors, Ltd., 37, North Audley Street, London, W.1
Motor Sport, October 1931, Models for 1932