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Isuzu 1964






Isuzu made 34,436 cars this year.




wb: 2350 mm 4 cyl. ohv
1471 cm³
63 PS
4 cyl. diesel
1764 cm³
50 PS
4 cyl. ohv
1471 cm³
80 PS
4 cyl. ohv
1325 cm³
4 cyl. twin-carb
1584 cm³
Sedan 4-dr 1500   1300  
Coupé 2-dr - - 1500 GT   1600 GT
Kombi (Van)          


Bellett Deluxe

Bellett Diesel


In April the 1.3 L OHC inline-four engine already in use in the Wasp pickup truck was added to the range, at which time a three-door van/wagon version called in Japan the Express was also added to the lineup.
The production of the 1500 GT also began in April. The Coupé is a 40 mm lower than the sedan. September saw the arrival of a 1.5 L version of the GT, front disc brakes and some slight modifications to the front fascia.




wb: 2530 mm          



Bellel Station Wagon diesel