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Isuzu 1965


Hillman Minx – discontinued



The Bellett is the first Isuzu to be exported to Europe. A thousand cars were shipped to Finland in January. The Swiss market was entered after displaying at the 1965 Geneva Salon in March. The Bellett was also the first Japanese car to be regularly imported to Sweden. Exports to Canada also started in March. 




wb: 2350 mm 4 cyl.
1500 cm³
71 hp (SAE)
4-cyl. diesel
1765 cm³
54 hp (SAE)
4 cyl.
1600 cm³
88 hp (SAE)
sedan 4-dr 1500 1800 Diesel -    
coupe 2-dr - - 1600 GT    



Bellett 1500

Bellett 1600 GT




wb: 2530 mm 2000 cm³
85 hp (SAE)
2000 cm³
55 hp (SAE)


The original Bellel's front end treatment was updated in October 1965 in an attempt to give it a more formal, upscale and mainstream look. The facelift includes changes to the front fascia, where the previous single round headlights paired with smaller turn signals were replaced by quad round headlights arranged vertically.





wb: 2500 mm 4 cyl.
1300 cm³
58 hp
4 cyl. diesel
1800 cm³
50 hp