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Isuzu 1966


117 Coupé – prototype (Geneva)
Ghia 117 Sedan – prototype (Tokyo)



The Ghia Isuzu 117 Sedan at the 1966 Tokyo Motor Show.
The 117 Coupé was debuted as a prototype at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show, and was later shown at the Tokyo Motor Show.




wb: 2350 mm          


In 1966, the front fascia was facelifted. April saw the addition of a fastback body style. At the very end of 1966, a sporting 1.6 litre SOHC G161 engine was added for the 1600 GT.
The 1500 Sport is essentially a GT but with the two-door sedan bodywork.
Introduced in 1966 the Bellett B line was a simplified version with its own rear bodywork and larger luggage space, especially for commercial, mainly taxi, use. The B had a live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, which was cheaper and took up less space than the regular Bellett's independent rear suspension. The rear doors were the same as for the regular Bellett, but the section behind that was more squared in design, with rounded wheel openings and a reverse rake of the rear panel rather than the forward sloping design of the private use Bellett. Originally equipped with the 1.3 liter gasoline engine or the 1.8 diesel, a 1.5 liter engine which ran on LPG was added later in the year. This unit had 63 PS (46 kW) rather than the 72 of the regular G150. Another visual difference was the use of wide rectangular headlights rather than twin round units.


Bellett 1500


Bellett 1600 GT


Bellett 1600GT (PR 90)

Bellett 1600GT

Bellett 1600 GT

Bellett B




wb: 2530 mm          


Bellel 2000





Tokio Motor Show


117 Coupé (PA 90)