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Isuzu 1970

117 CoupĂ©      




wb: 2350 mm          


1.8 L SOHC 115 PS engine for the 1800 GT.

Bellett 1600 Sport




Florian's first facelift in October with twin round headlights, longer, more prominent nose, which also increased the overall length by 50 mm (2.0 in).
October and November was also when the bigger 1,817 cc was introduced, with 100 or 115 PS in the Super Deluxe and 1800TS models respectively. The 1600 Deluxe (now with the G161S SOHC engine) received this updated bodywork a little later, in December. The lower powered 1800 engine was also available in the Van version (PA30V).


117 Coupé



An electronic fuel injection unit from Bosch debuted, using the D-Jetronic system. The model fitted with fuel injection was named the EC (for "electronic control").