Classic Car Catalogue

 Jowett 1933

Great Britain


3 G Long Coachbuilt Saloon


Jowett offers Type 3G Short and Long models, each with various body styles. Jowetts features a water-cooled low-tax twin-cylinder engine of the horizontally-opposed type but provide passenger accommodation equal to many much larger cars.


Motor Sport June 1933
The Jowett Non-Stop Run.

In order to demonstrate the ability of a normal 7 h.p. two cylinder Jowett saloon to run at a steady cruising speed for really long periods without trouble, a very interesting performance was recently made by the Hon. Victor Bruce and his wife on Montlhery Track. The idea was to run for three days without stopping, an adequate fuel supply being carried in a 2wheel trailer behind the car. The attempt went absolutely to plan, and at the end of 24 hours a distance of 892 miles had been covered, at a speed of roughly 37 m.p.h. After 48 hours the Jowett had run 1,844 miles, at an average of 38 m.p.h., and finally the 72 hours came to an. end, during which time the car had travelled 2,785 miles at a speed of 38.54 m.p.h.
Dunlop tyres were used.