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Kurtis 1950




Earl Muntz acquisition of the the company from Frank Kurtis.

The Kurtis represents one school of thought on sports car design, being styled along the current American trend of the inverted bathtub splashed with an abundance of chrome. Except for the combined body and frame, which is completely of Kurtis design and manufacture, the principle components of the car are stock Ford. Its performance qualities remain to be proven, though in fairness it should be mentioned that a factory-tuned competition model clocked 126 mph on gasoline and 142,515 on alcohol at the Bonneville National Speed Trials, August 22, 1949. About 10 of these cars have been built to date. The sales price has not yet been determined.
 (Road & Track)




Formula 1 entries: 

  Indianapolis 500 30.05.1950 (round 3)
#     Entrant: Result:
1 Offenhauser Johnnie Parsons   1st
4 Offenhauser Walt Brown   19th
17 Offenhauser Joie Chitwood/Tony Bettenhausen   5th
23   Sam Hanks   30th
26 Offenhauser Mack Hellings   13th
28   Fred Agabashian   28th
49 Offenhauser Jack McGrath   14th
54 Offenhauser Cecil Green   4th
59 Offenhauser Pat Flaherty   10th
61   Jimmy Jackson   29th
62 Offenhauser Johnny McDowell   18th
69   Duke Dinsmore   33rd
81 Offenhauser Jerry Hoyt   21st
98 Offenhauser Walt Faulkner   7th