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Lagonda 1934

16/80 Special Six  
3½-Litre - new model
4½-Litre Rapide - new model

Great Britain

Lagonda Rapier 10 HP chassis was introduced in late 1933. It has an 1104-cc (62.5 x 90 mm) twin-OHC four-cylinder engine, developing 60 bhp at 5000 rpm and rated at 9.69 HP. The four-speed gearbox has right hand control. The wheelbase is 8 ft 4 in, the tyre size 4.50-19. Rapier is only supplied in chassis form by the factory.
The 16/80 2-litre has 1991 cc engine and 10 ft wheelbase.
Both the 3- and 4½-Litre chassis has 10 ft 9 in wheelbase and 6.00-19 tyres. The 3-Litre has a 79-bhp 3181-cc OHV engine, rated at 29.94 HP. The 4½-Litre has a 29.13 HP 4429-cc OHV Six with an output of 104 bhp at 3000 rpm. The Tourer costs £825.
Motor SportOctober 1933
A most interesting programme is scheduled by Lagonda for 1934. In addition to the 3 litre and special 16/80 models, both well-tried and firm favourites, there are two new cars. The first is the 4½ litre, a most welcome addition to the ranks of really fast cars, and for which a speed of 97 m.p.h. is claimed. The engine is a normal push-rod o.h.v. six, with two S.U. carburetters, and develops no less than 115 b.h.p. A remarkable feature of this model is the low price of £795 for the open tourer-a figure deemed impossible a few years ago for a 100 m.p.h. car.
After many rumours the new small Lagonda has finally come to light. That the ”Rapier” will be good goes without saying, for did not a most excellent 12 h.p. car emanate from the Staines factory some years ago ? From its specification the Rapier appears to have the nature of a really high efficiency motor-car, 60 b.h.p. from 1,104 c.c. is good going, and altogether this new Lagonda is one of the major events of the season.
Motor SportOctober 1934
Two new models appear in the Lagonda range for 1935. These are the 4½-litre Rapide and the 3½-litre. The first is an outcome of the cars entered for the recent T.T., when they proved themselves to be as fast as any car in the race. The open sports model sells at 21,000 complete. The 3i-litre model is not unlike the Rapide in general layout, and supplements the successful 3-litre car which has many admirers. The Standard 4i-1itre, the ” 16/80 ” and the Rapier continue unchanged except for a few detailed improvements resulting from the experience gained during the past year.

6-cylinder models

  wb: 6 cyl. ohv
4429 cc
115 bhp
6 cyl. ohv
4467 cc
6 cyl. ohv
3619 cc
6 cyl. ohv
3181 cc
75 bhp
6 cyl. ohv
1991 cc
68 bhp
chassis 10' 9'' 4½-Litre
chassis 10' 3''   4½-Litre
chassis 10' 0''         16/80
Special Six


M 45 tourer

4½-Litre Motor Sport January road test.
Motor SportNovember 1934


wb: 8' 4'' 4 cyl. ohc
1104 cc
45 bhp
chassis £270


Rapier Fixed-head Coupé body by Abbott.

Motor Sport road test.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
Le Mans 24 Hours 16-17.06.1934 1 1 1 40 de Clifford / Brackenbury Rapier 1080 cc 16th (8th 751-1100)
Tourist Trophy 01.09.1934             4th

Rapier "De Clifford Special" 1,080 cc (Lord Freddie de Clifford / Charles Brackenbury) at Le Mans.

Lord de Clifford at the wheel of the Lagonda Rapier which he is to drive at 24h Le Mans.

1000 Miles Brooklands, Lagonda 4½-Litre, F.T. Stephenson and R.S. Hebeler.
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
20-26.01.1934 Rallye Monte Carlo 3 ? 2 58 Gardner   66th