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Lanchester 1932

30 HP — ost. rok    
Ten — July 4 cyl. 1203 cc  

Great Britain

W marcu 15/18 zwyciężył w rajcie RAC.
W maju egzemplarz Eighteen został dostarczony do garażu księcia Yorku.
W lipcu pojawił się nowy Lanchester 10 HP. Ma on czterocylindrowy silnik o pojemności 1,2 litra. Jest to jak dotąd najmniejszy samochód na rynku wyposażony w hydrauliczne sprzęgło i preselekcyjną skrzynię biegów.
Motor SportNovember 1932
A visit to the Olympia Motor Show.

A glimpse of a smart red four-seater sports model caught my eye, and I discovered yet another new sports car in the 10 h.p. Lanchester with a body by Arthur Mulliner. The car looked very smart, with its cut-away sides, and is of course remarkable for being the smallest car on the market fitted with a fluid flywheel, and incidentally the first sports car to be so equipped. I was very interested in the sectional models of the fluid flywheel and self-changing gear-box on the Lanchester stand.
Motor Sport November 1932
Sports cars for 1933.

The low-built chassis of the Lanchester "10" makes it particularly suitable for sports coachwork, and a smart four-seater body by Mulliner has been standardised. The chassis is very rigidly braced by bridge-shaped members from each side of the frame which are united by centre plates to form an immensely strong cruciform girder. The chassis members pass under the rear axle.
A four-cylinder overhead valve engine of 1,203 c.c. develops 30 h.p. ahd transmits its power through a Daimler fluid flywheel to a four-speed self changing box. An open propellor shaft links up to the worm-driven back axle.
The open four-seater costs £350.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
03.1932 R.A.C. 1,000 Miles Rally       227 Col. A. H. Loughborough 18 1100→ 1st

Lanchester 18 which won the RAC Rally this year.