Classic Car Catalogue

Lea Francis 1950

Great Britain

14 Saloon / Estate (1767cc, 65hp) – modernizacja we wrzesniu
14/70 Saloon (1767cc, 65hp) – nowa wersja 18hp (2496cc, 95hp)
2½-Litre Sports (2496cc, 95hp) – nowy model




Lea-Francis 2½ -Litre Sports was introduced in September 1949 with similar general lines to the Fourteen Sports which it replaced. It is powered by a twin-carburettor 100-bhp engine and features doors with wind-up windows and a windscreen with triangular side panels which could be removed as one assembly.

14hp from September has new front-end style and the body lowered by two inches.
From late 1950 the 18, also known as the 2.5 litre is also available with 95 bhp 2496cc engine as an option of 14/70.

14/70 Saloon

Sports at Earls Court in London.