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Lincoln 1965

wb: 126 in. V8 cyl.
(7045 cm³)
320 h.p.
Price Prod.  
Continental 4 Door Sedan $6,292 36,824  
  4 Door Convertible $6,938 3,356  


20 pages brochure.

Lincoln Continental Sedan

Reklama z czerwca.

Lincoln Continental Convertible - reklama z lutego '65.

Lincoln Continental Sedan

Based on a 1963 Lincoln 4-door sedan, the1965 Continental Town Brougham show car have a 131-inch wheelbase, 8-inches longer than the production car. Under the long hood there is a 320 horsepower, 430 cu. in. V-8, connected to an automatic transmission. Featuring an open chauffeur compartment, the exterior is finished in dark blue. The blue/green metallic-tone leather interior is accented by walnut moldings and large Continental emblems embroidered into the seatbacks. There is a limousine-type division window to separate the driver from passengers, but an intercom keep them in touch.