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Maserati 1948

A6 1500 (R6 cyl, 1488 cm³, 65 cv)


A6 1500 Pinin Farina

At the 1948 Turin Show (Salone dell'automobile di Torino) a spyder version was launched. Two were made.

A6 1500 Spyder by Pinin Farina at Turin Motor Show.


A6G CS (R6 cyl, 1979 cm, 130 cv)
4 CLT/48 (R4 cyl, 1491 cm, 260 cv) - new model

1st Coppa d'Oro Delle Dolomiti     Bracco
  Targa Florio entries: (03-04.04.1948)
#1 A6 GCS Villoresi / Bertocchi fail.
#3 A6 GCS Ascari fail.
#67 A6 GCS Ammendola / Pinzero 5th
#343 A6 GCS Musmeci / Catania fail.

Maserati A6 GCS S.Ammendola - G.Pinzero) at Targa Florio. 2nd in 1101-2000 cc class.

L.Villoresi - G.Bertocchi's Maserati A6 GCS at Giro di Sicilia.

2nd Italian GP     Viloresi
1st Penya Rhin GP     Viloresi
2nd Penya Rhin GP     Parnell
1st Pescara GP     Ascari
1st British GP #18 4 CLT Viloresi
2nd British GP #11   Ascari
1st Monaco GP     Farina
3rd Monaco GP     De Graffenried
1st Comminges GP     Viloresi
3rd Swiss GP     Viloresi
1st Argentinian GP     Villoresi
3rd Argentinian GP     Fernandez
1st Dutch GP     Bira
3rd Dutch GP     Parnell

Chassis and engine changes made to the experimental 4CLs eventually coalesced into the 4CLT, the appended T denoting its tubular chassis. The improvements in torsional rigidity that the tubular construction brought were required to counteract the increases in torque and power resulting from the twin-supercharger upgrade of the elderly inline-4 engine. Power is now up to approximately 260 bhp (194 kW), from the 4CL's 220 bhp. Other changes includs the use of roller bearings for the crankshaft, forged (rather than cast) rear suspension components, and the chassis is designed to run with hydraulic dampers from the outset.

Maserati 4 CLT British GP Luigi Villoresi

4CLT vs. Talbot Lago T26 SS driven by Alberto Ascari and Charles Pozzi at Swiss GP.

A6G CS won the 1948 Italian Championship by Giovanni Bracco.

Alberto Ascari at British GP.

Bira at British GP.