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Mazda 1962

R 360    
P 360 Carol – new model in February  
1000 – new model  


Mazda, the trade name of Toyo Kogyo, whose factory is situated at Hiroshima, introduce a new design labelled the Mazda 1000 S.S.A. II which is intended for production next year. It is a very smart four-door saloon with Italianate styling, particularly noticeable in the treatment of the single headlamps. Unlike all other Mazda models it has a front engine (in-line water-cooled four-cylinder). The front suspension is by semi-trailing wishbones with combined coil springs and telescopic dampers, the wheels turning on ball pivots. A live rear axle is carried on half-elliptic springs. The car was exhibited on a raised dais so that it was not possible to examine its interior or assess its accommodation.
The Mazda N600, also a prototype last year, has enjoyed quite astonishing success since going into production at a rate of 1,000 per month. Among its technical features are a 586 c.c. transverse-mounted water-cooled four-stroke engine and Al-Fin brake drums; in de luxe form it sells for £435.

R 360

    2cyl, 4suw


R 360

P 360 Carol

wb: 1930 mm 4 cyl.
358 cm³
18 hp
4 cyl.
586 cm³
Sedan 2-dr P 360 P 600
Sedan 4-dr - P 600


Mazda Carol at Turin Motor Show.

Carol 360 has a monocoque body, a four-cylinder four-stroke engine with a five-bearing crankshaft and four-wheel independent suspension by torsion bars.




1000 S.S.A. II at Tokyo Motor Show.




K 360