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Mazda 1963

P 360  
R 360  
Luce – new model
Cosmo – prototype


In fact, the real surprise at this year's show were two rotary engines from Toyo Kogyo and Isuzu. Toyo Kogyo, is known to have been developing the Wankel engine under a licence for some time. At the show two prototype engines, a 400 c.c. of 35 b.h.p. and a tandem twin-cylinder 800 c.c. of 70 b.h.p. were displayed, together with a blueprint of a sports Coupé designed to be equipped with the rotary engines. The Toyo Kogyo engines seem to follow faithfully the NSU-Wankel system. The prototype car with this engine is said to be undergoing road-test at present and they have every intention to put it into series-production.
A last-minute arrival at the show was the Mazda Luce saloon from Toyo Kogyo of Hiroshima. It is a compact 4-5-seater four-door saloon and the very attractive body was designed by Bertone. The engine is a four-cylinder; capacity either 1,000 c.c. or 1,500 c.c. Production starts, they say, in the middle of the next year.


R 360

    2cyl, 4suw



P 360 Carol

wb: 1930 mm 4 cyl.
358 cm³
18 hp
4 cyl.
586 cm³
Sedan 2-dr P 360 P 600  
Sedan 4-dr P 360 P 600 P 360 4-dr in September


600 Carol





Luce 1000-1500 at Tokio Motor Show.