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Mazda 1970

P 360 - discontinued
R 100  
Cosmo 110 S  
616 Capella - new model in May
Capella RX-2 - new model in May



P 360 Carol

wb: 1930 mm 4 cyl.
358 cm³
18 hp
- discontinued in August
1966-70 - 265,226 P360s
Sedan 2-dr P 360  
Sedan 4-dr P 360  




          - 1300 in new March


Australian advert.

1500 and 1800



MAZDA 1800 £1,220 (incl. P.T.)
Not yet a very familiar sight in Britain, the Mazda 1800 is one of Japan's better-looking saloons-there is a hint of BMW and Triumph 2000 in the styling. The 1800 has above-average visibility due to its considerable glas area, and steering is light. Its 1796 c.c. four-cylinder engine has a single overhead camshaft, and with 98 horsepower (net) on tap the car is fast and lively. The Mazda is quiet at high speed due to highgearing, the top gear ratio providing 20.9 m.p.h. per 1000 r.p.m. It is a large `medium' saloon of excellent appointment and relatively low price tag.

London show review








MAZDA R100 COUPÉ £1,349 (incl. P.T.)
This highly-advanced, well-streamlined two-door coupe has recently been the subject of an appreciable price cut in the UK, due to the fact the Japanese manufacturers have introduced even more models with the revolutionary Wankel rotary engine. It is powered by a two-rotor version of the rotary, rated at 982 c.c., which develops 110 (gross) horsepower at 7000 r.p.m.–at which speed the engine is virtually vibrationless. The Wankel is coupled to a four-speed manual gearbox which enables the car to be exploited well. Rear suspension is by live axle and leaf springs.

London show review

R 100 Familia SS





Capella RX-2

          - new model



Cosmo 110 S

wb: 2350 mm 2-rotor
982 cm³
128 hp
Coupé 110 S










Mazda RX 500 was the star attraction at the 17th Tokyo Motor Show in 1970. It was developed by the research and design staff at the Toyo Kogyo Company and was a mobile test bed for high-speed safety. The body of the car was constructed from plastic, which helped keep the weight down to 1100 lbs. The Mazda RX 500 had a rotary engine mounted forward of the rear axle and was capable of 125mph. It also featured multi coloured lights, at the rear end of the car, which indicating whether the car was accelerating, braking or running at a constant speed.