Classic Car Catalogue

Mercedes Benz 1964

(W 110) 190, 190D
(W 111) 220, 220S, 220SE
(W 112) 300SE, 300SEL
(W 113) 230SL
(W 100) 600


No major changes have been made in the Mercedes line for 1965 but the 220 range is now available with floor gear-change as an optional at no extra charge, and also with the better quality upholstery previously used only on the 300SE. Several other minor modifications have also been made.
(London report)

190, 190D

W 110
  190 (R4 cyl, 1897 ccm, 80 PS)
  190D (R4 cyl, diesel, 1988 ccm, 55 PS)
    Limousine (wb: 2700 mm)

190 by Miesen


220, 220S, 220SE
220SE Coupé and Cabriolet

W 111
  220 (R6 cyl, 2195 ccm, 95 PS)
  220S (R6 cyl, 2195 ccm, 110 PS)
  220SE (R6 cyl, inj, 2195 ccm, 120 PS)
    Limousine (wb: 2750 mm)
  220SE Coupé/Cabriolet (R6 cyl, inj, 2195 ccm, 120 PS)
    Coupe (wb: 2750 mm)
    Cabriolet (wb: 2750 mm)


300SE, 300SEL
300SE Coupé and Cabriolet

W 112
  300SE (R6 cyl, 2996 ccm, 160/170 PS)
    Limousine (wb: 2750 mm)
    Limousine lang (wb: 2850 mm)
    Coupe (wb: 2750 mm)
    Cabriolet (wb: 2750 mm)

300 SE

300 SE lang



W 113
  230SL (R6 cyl, inj, 2281 ccm, 150 PS)
    Roadster (wb: 2400 mm)

MERCEDES-BENZ In the select international set of truly great motor cars, debut of a new member is an auspicious event. This is particularly true when this new member comes from the historic Mercedes-Benz family, for more than 3-quarters of a century one of motordom's most honored names.
The Mercedes-Benz 230SL brings a dramatic new look to the world of fine sports cars. Low-slung, fast and powerful, it comes as a soft-top roadster which is available with an optional hard top. The sports car contour is accentuated by elegantly slim roof and window posts and a flat sheath roof over extensive window areas. Visibility is excellent.
Mercedes-Benz has given this car an improved fuel injection system . . . a fully synchronized four-speed transmission, actuated by a short stick, designed for fast gear changing. (A four-speed automatic transmission is available as an option).
Mercedes-Benz "built-in traffic safety features" are further enhanced in the 230SL through use of Girling front disc brakes and aluminum Alfin drum brakes in the rear.
The standard version of the 230SL is equipped with all those extra touches that combine to give the deserved impression of luxury. These include a non-glare rear view mirror inside the car, along with a door-mounted exterior mirror, a handsome hand-finished console with ash tray; twospeed electric windshield wipers and washers; padded adjustable sun visors; illuminated heat-fresh air control knob; illuminated glove compartment with map light and back-up lights.
Safe . . . fast . . . comfortable . . . luxurious . . . once you have taken the wheel of the new Mercedes 230SL and experienced its incomparable performance . . . you'll be satisfied with nothing less.



W 100 - prod. from September - 107 ex.
  600 (V8 cyl, 6330 ccm, 250 PS)
    Limousine (wb: 3200 mm)
    Pullman (wb: 3900 mm)
    Landaulet (wb: 3900 mm)


American market




International ADAC 6-hour race for touring cars on the Nürburgring. Eugen Böhringer and Glemser (start number 12) in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SE took first place in the overall rankings.

24-hour race in Spa-Francorchamps. Eugen Böhringer completed the fastest race lap in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SE (start number 100) at 177.296 km/h. The photo shows drivers swapping over in front of the Mercedes-Benz pits.

The women's team Ewy Baronin von Korff-Rosqvist and Eva-Maria Falk with start number 609 in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SE finishing the Argentinean Touring Car Grand Prix.