MG 1937

Great Britain

SA (6 cyl, 2288 cc)
VA (1548 cc, 55 bhp) – new model


MG T-Series Model TA is in production since 1936 and is developed from the preceding Model PB. Price in October 1937 was £222.
MG VA-Series 1½-Litre range comprise Saloon, Tourer and Convertible models. They are similar to the SA-Series but with 9 ft wheelbase and 1548-cc 55-bhp four-cylinder engine. The chassis costs £215, the Tourer £280.
MG SA-Series 2-Litre Saloon has six-cylinder engine of 2288-cc capacity and is priced at £389. The 10 ft 3 in wheelbase chassis costs £260.


T – series Midget




VA – series

MG VA Saloon


MG VA Tourer

SA – series

MG SA Tickford

MG SA Tourer

MG SA Saloon


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-20.06.1937 24h Le Mans 1 1 1 54 Midget PB Stanley-Turner / Riddell 16th (4th 751-1100)
   Rudge Withworth Cup             2nd



Midget PB (Stanley-Turner / Riddell) entered by G.E.T.Eyston at Le Mans.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-30.01.1937 Rallye Monte Carlo   1 1 19 Harris / Morgan   44th (9th up to 1.5l)



Rallye Monte Carlo.