Classic Car Catalogue

MG 1950

TD 1250 cc 54 bhp    
YA 1250 cc 46 bhp    
YT 1250 cc 46 bhp   - discontinued
TD Mk II 1250 cc 57 bhp   - new model

Great Britain

MG Midget TD replaced the TC in January 1950. Although powered by the same engine it features numerous detail improvements, including independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering, and revised gear ratios to suit its greater overall weight. The general outline of the body at the front end was modified on the lines of the Y Series open-tourer.

TD – American March advert.

TD Mk II at Earls Court.




  24h Le Mans 24.06.1950 Entrant: Results:
  gen. class perf. ind.
#39 Special Phillips/Winterbottom Phillips 18th 2nd - 1101-1500 13th

  Tourist Trophy 16.09.1950 Result:
 (not complete list)  
#44 TC Flynn 22nd
#45 TC Heaslett 26th
#46 TC Groves 25th
#47 TD Flack 23rd
#48 TD II Lund 20th
#49 TD II Jacobs 16th
#50 TD II Phillips 19th

  6h Sebring 30-31.12.1950 Result:
#1 TC van Driel 5th
#3 TC O'Hare / Milliken 6th
#22 TD Viall / Charlwood 13th
#25 TC Keith / Wilder 9th
#32 TD Brundage / Cook dnf